How to Check Your Stats in The Finals


How to Check Your Stats in The Finals

Abhimannu Das
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The Finals allows you to check your lifetime in-game performance via its stats page.
The game also has a post-game screen where you can check your kills, deaths, objective points, assists and more.

In The Finals, you become a contestant in the world's biggest live-streamed combat game show. Plug into stunning virtual arenas, inspired by real-world locations, and join teams to battle your way through escalating tournaments. The game has quickly become a sleeper hit and is a refreshing change of pace for the FPS segment which is largely dominated by battle royales.

How to Check Your In-Game Stats in The Finals

  1. Access the Main Menu:

    • From the main lobby, press the Escape key (PC) or the Menu button on your controller (console).

  2. Locate Your Name and Avatar:

    • Look for your name and avatar displayed in the top-right corner of the screen.

  3. View Stats:

    • PC: Click on your name or avatar.

    • Console: Press the left joystick and hover over your name and avatar.

This will display your current stats, including:

  • Kills

  • Deaths

  • Assists

  • Wins

  • Losses

  • Games Played

  • Accuracy

  • Time Played

Currently, there aren't any official or third-party stat-tracking apps or websites for The Finals with reliable stat tracking. This might change in the future as the game gains popularity. The developers have indicated plans to release a separate stat tracker app in the future, allowing access to stats through mobile devices.

How to Analyse Your Stats

K/D (kills per death) and accuracy are two common metrics used to evaluate skill in FPS games, but their effectiveness as sole indicators is debatable. While they offer some insights, relying solely on them can paint an incomplete picture.

High K/D or accuracy can be inflated by various factors like playing against weaker opponents, camping, or focusing on easy kills. Conversely, a lower K/D or accuracy could be due to playing objectively, taking on a support role, or facing tougher competition.

Different FPS games emphasize different skills. Aim-heavy games reward high accuracy, while movement-focused games might prioritize mobility and game sense over raw aim. K/D and accuracy might not translate equally across all genres.

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