How to Catch the Festive Fugu in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How to Catch the Festive Fugu in Disney Dreamlight Valley?</p></div>
How to Catch the Festive Fugu in Disney Dreamlight Valley?


The Festive Fugu is one of the hardest fish to catch in Disney Dreamlight Valley as you need to meet certain in-game conditions for them to spawn.
You can catch the Festive Fugu only between the 18th and 31st December so hurry up!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a dream simulation adventure title developed by Gameloft, the developers behind the well-established Asphalt series. The game possesses numerous role-playing elements allowing players to live out immersive virtual lives where they meet several iconic characters from both Disney and Pixar movies. 

To celebrate the festive season this year, players got access to the annual Christmas event where they can claim gifts, and complete Festive Duties which involve catching fish from various regions of the Dreamlight Valley. The game has five different Festive fish and one among them belongs to the Fugu variety, which is the hardest to catch as it requires you to meet certain in-game conditions. Without further ado, here’s how you can obtain it.

Catching the Festive Fugu in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As mentioned above, Disney Dreamlight Valley allows players to catch five different types of Festive Fish, each of them being the main component in the huge amount of cooking recipes present in the game. 

The Festive Fugu is a yellow puffer fish that is a key ingredient in numerous recipes such as Steamed Fugu and Fugu Sushi. Catching them requires you to venture out onto the sandy shores of Dazzle Beach while it is raining. Keep in mind that even a light drizzle will be enough to spawn them, and you do not have until a full-on thunderstorm rages into your game. 

dazzle beach

Every fish in the game has their own distinctive ripples, and the Festive Fugu is no different as players can find it by taking a look at the Red and Green ripples that it creates. Once you spot these distinctive ripples, cast your fishing net, wait for a while and when the prompt appears, time your key presses correctly and you will successfully catch a Festive Fugu.

Several players are reporting that this fish apparently spawns in the exact same location as last year’s event which is right next to a small wooden bridge beside the rocks.

Remember that you can only get access to it between the 18th and 31st December so make sure you hurry up before the event ends.

What Rewards Will You Get for Catching the Festive Fugu in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Unlike a regular Fugu, the Festive variant cannot be sold but it still contains the same energy restoration properties, that will grant you 1700 energy points, which is only second to the Festive Anglerfish.

Upon victoriously catching all of the Festive fish, players will be granted a Santa Hat, which is arguably one of the better rewards when compared to other Festive duties.

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