How To Add Friends On Monopoly Go?


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How To Add Friends On Monopoly Go?

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Monopoly Go is a digital rendition of the classic board game which is more fun with friends.
If you are not sure how to add your friends on Monopoly Go, this article is here to help you.

Monopoly Go is a mobile adaptation of the classic board game of Monopoly. Not only do you get to go around the board buying property, but you can do so in multiplayer mode! This means you can play the game with your friends. While there's also a single-player mode, we all know Monopoly Go is more fun with friends.

But how do you add them to your profile in Monopoly Go? It might seem a daunting process, but it's simple. In this guide, we'll help you with adding friends in Monopoly Go.

Ways To Add Friends On Monopoly Go

There are three ways in which players can build their friend list in Monopoly Go. These include the following avenues:

  • Through contacts

  • Through Facebook

  • Via an invite link

How do you access these methods? Well, players can find these options in the 'Friends' menu on the bottom right of their screen. Out of all these methods, adding friends through Facebook is the simplest. But worry not, we'll take a look at each method in detail here.

How To Add Friends On Monopoly Go?

We'll explore each method through which you can add friends on Monopoly Go, starting with contacts.


Start by connecting the Monopoly Go application to your device's contacts. Share your number and allow the game to access your contact list. Doing so, people in your contact list who have recently joined the game will be automatically added. This simplifies the process of adding each contact to your friend list.

But, if you do not want certain people in your friend list, you can always unlink your contacts from the application by turning off the app permissions.


As stated before, this is a hassle-free and easier method to add your friends to the game. Start by connecting your Monopoly Go application to your Facebook account. This helps you skip the need to send out individual invites. Every Facebook friend who plays Monopoly Go automatically becomes part of your in-game friend list.

This option is ideal for those who do not wish to link their contact list with the game. And this also wields out the need to send separate invites. This can come in handy if you want to add multiple people at once.

Invite Link

The last method is inviting your friends to the game through an invite link. This method also works if you want your friends to join the game if they haven't before.

Share the installation link with them through messaging apps. Once they will install the game using your invite link, they'll instantly be added to your friend list. This is a straightforward method that works for those who do not want to link their contacts or Facebook accounts with the game.

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