Here’s How You Can Heal and Revive Fallen Teammates in South Park: Snow Day!


Here’s How You Can Heal and Revive Fallen Teammates in South Park: Snow Day!

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Reviving downed Teammates can be done by simply standing within the Dark Blue Circle around your ally and staying within its radius until it turns Light Blue.
Keep in mind that there is a time limit to reviving fallen teammates, and failing to do so means you need to navigate through the level without them.

The newly released South Park: Snow Day! Introduces full-fledged action-adventure elements with third person combat, departing from the turn-based gameplay featured in South Park Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole. Whether playing solo or co-op, you will have three other teammates or “new kids” in your party, which means coordination is essential in defeating formidable bosses.

In addition to combining your attacks with your party members, knowing how to revive them mid-combat can be the difference between winning or losing fights. Unfortunately, this mechanic can be quite confusing, as there are no clear instructions on how to bring your party back to life. Worry not, as this guide will cover all aspects of reviving and healing on Snow Day!

Reviving Fallen Party Members in South Park: Snow Day!

Similar to most other co-op games, your teammates will not immediately die if they get overwhelmed by enemies, and will get downed instead. This will be denoted by a Skull icon next to their Health Bars on the top left corner of your screen. You will also find a Revive prompt marking their position in the area. 

Skull icon

While downed party members cannot use their skills and abilities to aid you, they can crawl away from enemy fire into a safe position for you to revive them. To revive them, you simply need to get closer to their position and stand within the Dark Blue Circle that appears around their character.

Dark Blue Circle

Once the game detects that you are within range, the circle will begin to turn Light Blue, indicating that your downed party member is being revived. The process is also sped up if more of your teammates stand within the circle, and you can bring multiple allies back to life at the same time if all their revive circles are close together.

While this sounds simple enough, reviving teammates can become challenging as you advance through the game, as you might be overwhelmed by hordes of enemies and face scenarios where you might be the last one standing, with all your party members spread across the area. Keep in mind that there is a time limit for revives and failing to resuscitate means you will have to beat the level by yourself or with lesser allies.

Thankfully, the game offers health pickups like Cheesy Poofs and the Cheesy Poof Healing Totem to ensure you or your injured teammates can replenish their HP. As you progress, through the game, you can also use the Reviving Aura upgrade card, which will allow the Totem to automatically bring your party members back to life.

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