Here’s How You Can Get To Bel’ameth in WoW Dragonflight

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here’s How You Can Get To Bel’ameth in WoW Dragonflight</p></div>
Here’s How You Can Get To Bel’ameth in WoW Dragonflight


After losing their lands after the battle for Azeroth, the Elves have finally found a home called Bel’ameth located adjacent to the Ohn’ahran Plains.
Players can either fly there using their dragon mounts or use the portals at Orgimmar or Stormwind to get to the Elf Capital.

World of Warcraft recently got a new patch 10.2.5 which brought numerous additions that overjoyed several fans. One among them was the addition of the new Night Elf City called Bel’ameth a settlement that lies adjacent to the Ohn’ahran Plains in the Dragon Isles just beneath Amirdrassil. However, visiting the new Night Elf Capital isn’t an easy feat as it requires you to complete the main campaign of the WoW10.2 update. While you can fly to the location with Dragonriding now available everywhere, here are other efficient ways to get to Bel’ameth.

How to Get to Bel’ameth in World of Warcraft?

The most efficient way to get to the Night Elf City is through the portals. This guide will help you get to the Elf Capital from other different regions in WoW. 

From Orgimmar

While a first portal will open up in Mount Hiyal, you will eventually run into another one that will take you to Bel’ameth. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Head to the Western Earthshine which can be found near the Valley of Wisdom in Orgimmar.

  • Enter the portal in Mount Hiyal and you will find yourself in Nordassil.

  • Once you spawn, you will find a portal at the far right which will take you to Bel’ameth at coordinates: 63,23.

From Stormwind

 Getting to the Elf Capital from Stormwind is relatively easy when compared to Orgimmar. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Head to the southern part of Stormwind and go to the Mage Quarter

  • From there, enter the Wizard’s Sanctum, climb up the stairs, and make it to the end of the Sanctum.

  • You will find a portal in the backrooms that will take you to Bel’ameth at coordinates: 44,97.

You can also choose to skip portals entirely and get there using your mounts as well. This new elf settlement has a very familiar architecture and will remind many players about the style of Emerald Dream. This is a cross-faction city that both Alliance and Horde players can visit, although the Elfs do remain wary of the Hordes due to the dark past.

That is pretty much how you can easily and efficiently make your way to the Elf Capital Bel’ ameth. Many players are overjoyed that the Elves have finally gotten themselves a home after the battle for Azeroth and while it is currently an end-game zone, many expect it to become a leveling zone eventually, only taking a few hours of questing to unlock it.

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