Here’s How You Can Get Shiny Red Apples in WoW Classic


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Here’s How You Can Get Shiny Red Apples in WoW Classic

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Shiny Red Apples are among the most valuable items in World of Warcraft, and they can be used to craft various recipes.
Are you wondering how to get Shiny Red Apples in WoW Classic? Here's a guide to help you get these.

In World of Warcraft (WoW), Shiny Red Apples are a low-level item that you’ll need for several different cooking recipes. While you can eat them to restore your health, they’re best used as an ingredient for other things. However, finding Shiny Red Apples can be pretty challenging if you’re new to the game, but we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll explore how you can easily get Shiny Red Apples in WoW Classic. 

WoW Classic: How to Get Shiny Red Apples?

You will need these special apples to create  Strider Stew and Jungle Stew. Both recipes require at least 50 and 175 cooking skills to learn, and you'll need two Shiny Red Apples for each. So, to craft these recipes, you must head out and get your hands on a few Shiny Red Apples. Luckily, each faction has several vendors from which you can get these shiny apples. 

Shiny Apples For Horde Players

If you’re a Horde player, you have multiple options when it comes to vendors from which to purchase Shiny Red Apples. One of the best vendors to buy from is Inkeeper Boorand Plainswind, located at The Barrens.

Another vendor you can try approaching is Shan’ti, located in the Valley of Honor. To get there, you must take the elevated road north after departing from the flight’s master tower. You’ll find the store on your left.

Here are some other vendors and their locations you can purchase Shiny Red Apples from -

  • Frostwold Quartermaster - Alterac Valley

  • Innkeeper Byula - The Barrens 

  • Innkeeper Thulbek - Stranglethorn Vale

  • Stone Guard Zarg - Alterac Valley

  • Nan Mistrunnner - Thunder Bluff

Here’s How You Can Get Shiny Red Apples in WoW Classic

World of Warcraft

Shiny Apples For Alliance Players

If you're a part of the Alliance faction, you can obtain Shiny Red Apples from the vendor Bimble Longberry near the Mystic Ward in Ironforge. Head towards that city section and locate Bimble.

Here are some other vendors and their locations you purchase Shiny Red Apples from - 

  • Corporal Bluth - Stranglethorn Vale

  • Dwane Wertle - Distwallow Marsh

  • Sergeant Major Clate - Alteric Valley, Arathi Basin, and Warsong Gulch

  • Stormpike Quartermaster - Alterac Valley

  • Inkepper Saelienne - Darnassus

  • Lambar Veisilli - Redridge Mountains

  • Maliynn - Ashenvale

  • Allyndia - Darkshore

  • Brogus Thunderbrew - Alterac Valley

  • Homer Stonefield - Elwynn Forest

  • Innkeeper Shrya - Feralas

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Shiny Red Apples in WoW Classic. For more guides, check out how you can get Mageweave in WoW Season of Discovery.

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