Here’s How You Can Get Gemstones in AFK Journey


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Here’s How You Can Get Gemstones in AFK Journey

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Gemstones are one of the most crucial currencies in AFK Journey, which can help you build a strong team.
Are you wondering how to get Gemstones in AFK Journey? Here's everything you need to know.

AFK Journey is a brand-new  RPG game set in the fantasy world of Esperia. Developed by Lilith Games, this RPG title is an incredible experience for every avid gamer, with various powerful characters. If you want to build a perfect team in the game, you’re going to need a strong crew. To recruit new characters, you’re going to need Gemstones. In this guide, we’re going to reveal how you can easily get Gemstones in AFK Journey to build a powerful team!

How Can You Get Gemstones in AFK Journey?

In AFK Journey, Gemstones are one of the easiest types of currency to obtain. You can find this currency as a reward in growth Paths, World Loot, or daily quests. That’s not all; you can redeem them with the help of free codes or directly purchase them from the Trolley Shop.

However, the best way to get Gemstones is by finishing goals on the Growth Trials, Growth Paths, or redeem codes. If you do your daily tasks, you’ll get a small number of Gemstones, but it’s still less than what you can get from free codes. 

You can even use your Farlight account to get this currency. The Farlight Pass is a website that links to all Farlight games. If you login daily, you’ll be able to earn points that can be redeemed for exclusive rewards, including Gemstones. 

How Can You Use Gemstones in AFK Journey?

In AFK Journey, you can use Gemstones to get Invite Rolls at the Nobel Tavern. If you’ve run out of Invite Letters, you can use this currency for a single roll, which costs 300 Gemstones, or for sufficient Invite Letters, allowing you to roll ten times. As of now, it currently works for “All-Hero Recruitment” and “Rate Up Recruitment,” but not Epic Recruitment.

Although Gemstones are crucial for purchasing, Dragon Crystals and Dolly Tickets are even more important. You can only get Dragon Crystals through microtransactions and Dolly Tickets by recruiting heroes. 

That’s everything you need to know on how to grind Gemstones in AFK Journey. For more on the game, check out AFK Journey Redeem Codes for April 2024

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