Here’s How You Can Check Out Your Year In Review on Steam


Here’s How You Can Check Out Your Year In Review on Steam

Surya Kumar
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Steam Year In Review presents you detailed stats of your gaming adventures from 1st January until 14th December.
Players will automatically receive a Steam Year In Review 2023 badge and 50XP upon viewing their stats.

After receiving positive feedback from several games last year, Steam is back again with its annual Replay or Year in Review, this time showcasing stats from all the games you played through Valve’s platform in 2023. Apart from showing you your gameplay hours, you will also get access to numerous other intricate details like your preferred input methods, your achievements, the percentage of time spent in each title, etc. Here’s how you can check out your Steam gaming history for the year!

How to View Your Steam Year-In-Review?

Viewing your Year In Review is fairly straightforward and you need not go through any annoying prompts or captchas to do so. You can check your stats simply by logging into your Steam account either from the PC Steam client, the official Steam website, or via the mobile app.

Once you are logged in, you will notice the banner for the Year In Review in a banner right in the middle of your screen. Click on “Review Your Year on Steam” and you will be redirected and shown all your stats. Here you will be displayed numerous details regarding your past year of gaming on the platform. At the very top and the bottom, you will also receive an option to share your Year In Review with your friends. Remember that you need to change your privacy settings to do so.

Additionally, you can also share your entire Steam Year In Review page by scrolling to the bottom and clicking on “Add Profile Showcase”. Here are all the intricate details that will be displayed in your yearly stats:

  • Total number of games played

  • Number of new games played

  • Achievements unlocked

  • Rare achievements unlocked

  • Input type percentage (Keyboard+ Mouse / Controller / other)

  • Number of sessions played per game

  • Percentage of playtime

  • Steam Median for achievements

  • Steam Median for the number of games played

  • Longest gaming streak

  • Percentage of newly released games played (2023 titles)

  • New friends added

  • Badges earned

  • Workshop item subscriptions

  • Games gifted

  • Community awards given

  • Screenshots shared

  • Reviews written

  • Discussion posts

  • Guides written

  • Guide subscribers

  • Workshop contributions

  • Workshop item subscribers

  • Spider Graph showcasing your preferred genre of games

  • Stats specific to Steam Deck (if you own one)

  • Monthly playtime

Furthermore, you will also receive a Steam Year In Review 2023 badge upon viewing your stats. Similar to last year, this will automatically be added to your inventory and you need not click on any prompts to do so. You will be granted 50XP for this badge. 

That’s pretty much it everything you need to know about 2023’s Steam Year In Review. Keep in mind that the stats do not include running tools, non-game software, and games that are in prelease.

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