Here’s How You Can Catch Wiglett in Pokemon GO


Here’s How You Can Catch Wiglett in Pokemon GO

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Wiglett is a water-type, Garden Eel Pokemon first featured in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
As part of the Rediscover Kanto update, Niantic introduced Wiglett to Pokemon GO on 22nd April.

The Rediscover Kanto update introduced numerous overhauls to Pokemon GO, as developer Niantic changed the biome system within the game, adding new visuals, spawn alterations, and more. Besides adding a free Special Research to celebrate the Rediscover Kanto update, the developers also showcased Wiglett, a water-type Pokemon, first featured in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Besides its goofy, worm-like appearance, Wiglett resembles the Diglett, a ground-type Pokemon introduced in Generation 1. While it is certainly a welcomed addition, capturing the garden Eel Pokemon can be quite the hassle, as Wiglett is currently found only in one specific biome.

Capturing Wiglett in Pokemon GO

As a new introduction to Pokemon GO, Wiglett can only be spotted in a beach biome, which means you need to venture into an area that the app registers to be a beach. You might also find other Pokemon like Magikarp, Squirtle, Pysduck, and more in the same biome.

Besides waiting for it to appear on your screen, you can also use resources like a Lure Module or an Incense to increase your chances of capturing Wiglett with your Poke Balls. Pokemon GO Wiki states that this critter has a maximum Combat Power (CP) of 492 without any weather boosts, and a CP of 533 when it is Rainy.

Can Wiglett Evolve or Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Wiglett can evolve into Wugtrio upon feeding it 50 Candies. Similar to the evolution of Duglett into Dugtrio, Wugtrio is also a three-bodied Pokemon, with the main difference being in the fact that it lives in a black, spiky rock.

Unfortunately, since it is a new addition to Pokemon GO, the Wiglett cannot be a Shiny at the moment. However, a Shiny Wiglett is more likely to come out during a future update or event. While the regular version of this critter is white with a red nose, its Shiny sports a yellow color with a blue nose.

Here Are All the Potential Stats of Wiglett in Pokemon GO

  • Base Attack: 109

  • Base Defense: 52

  • Base Stamina: 67

  • Max HP: 69

  • Max CP: 656

  • Fast Attacks: Mud-Slap, Water Gun

  • Charged Attacks: Surf, Liquidation, and Dig

  • Weakness: Electric and Grass

  • Resistances: Fire, Water, Ice, and Steel

Note that the aforementioned stats were provided by Pokemon GO Wiki.

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