Here Are the Best Mods to Elevate Your Arma Reforger Experience


Here Are the Best Mods to Elevate Your Arma Reforger Experience

Surya Kumar
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Arma Refoger allows players to create their own combat scenarios, thanks to the versatility of their Enfusion game engine.
Notable mentions include Modern Optics mod, Laser Pointer mod, Infiltrate the Town mod, etc.

The base version of Arma Reforger by Bohemia Interactive allows players to experience Cold War-type combat on a sprawling 51-square-kilometer Atlantic Island. Although it sounds enticing, the Enfusion engine can create more versatile combat scenarios which is exactly what the devs had in mind while development. Players are provided with a suite of different development tools that can help them transform every aspect of the game. That being said, here are some of the best mods you can install to improve your gameplay.

Best Mods for Arma Reforger

King of the Hill

With this mod installed, players can get a taste of the King of the Hill mode which was probably the most famous game mode in Arma 3. This has been available since the beginning of Arma Reforger back in 2022 and it quickly became popular as one of the first playable mods released for the title. As the name suggests, the objective requires you to capture one specific point on the map. You also get the option to choose multiple hills to capture and customize your capture time.

Here’s the link to King of the Hill.

Capture and Hold

Capture and Hold

This sample mod made by Bohemia Interactive soon turned into a popular game mode by fans. This official multiplayer mode allows you to engage in close-quarters combat and secure numerous marked points on the map. The nature of the mode makes for immersive fast-paced team combat scenarios and it is ideal for players who enjoy quick and decisive battles.

Here’s a link to Capture and Hold

Attachments Compatibility

As the name suggests, this mod allows players to swap attachments with numerous weapons, increasing its compatibility and leading to some innovative load-outs that were previously missing from the game. Players can swap muzzles, optics, barrels, and other weapon mods.

Here’s a link to Attachments Compatibility

Bloodlust 2

If you ever played Arma 3, you will already be familiar with the workings of this mod, which adds blood and gore effects to ragdolls and corpses This mod is crucial if you wish to add another layer of immersion to your game.

Here’s the link to Bloodlust 2



If you are attempting to bring a touch of DayZ to Arma Reforger, this pack adds fully functional zombies that will wreak havoc on soldiers. Although this mod is still under development, it has come a long way since its first update and it now features better pathing, diverse zombie sounds, added clothing, etc.

Here’s the link to Zombies

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