Here Are All the Vehicles in GTA Online That Can Be Fitted With Imani Tech


Here Are All the Vehicles in GTA Online That Can Be Fitted With Imani Tech

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Imani Tech offers players with defensive vehicle upgrades such as the ability to jam lock-on type missiles and remote access to your cars.
There are currently 14 different vehicles in GTA online spanning various categories that can be equipped with Imani Tech.

GTA Online provides players with exciting opportunities to try out and have a blast with new vehicles. Although there are several vehicles that improve performance, handling, and such, one important aspect would be to enhance your vehicle’s defense which will come in handy to deal with pesky gamers who are constantly trying to blow up everyone. Imani Tech offers precisely that, allowing you to go about your way without having to worry about being bombarded by missiles. Let’s take a look at all the vehicles that can be customized with this tech.

What Features Does Imani Tech Offer?

Imani Tech was added to GTA Online with the Contract DLC, which introduced us to Imani, a professional hacker who offers a wide range of services. Upon purchasing a property called Celebrity Solutions Agency and a vehicle workshop along with it, you will unlock defensive upgrades to certain vehicles in the game. Here are all the abilities on offer:

  • Out of Sight Service: Similar to Lester’s ability, you will no longer appear on the radar for a massive 500-metre radius. It will cost you $12,000.

  • Missile Lock-on Jammer: As the name suggests, it prevents missiles from locking onto your vehicle. It also provides an extra layer of armor plating, increasing resistance to explosives. It is a bit on the expensive side costing $400,000.

  • Remote Control Unit: Basically gives you remote access to take control of your vehicle and even allows you to use the weapons inside it. Costs $235,000.

List of All Vehicles that feature Imani Tech

The game offers a total of 14 vehicles that can be equipped with Imani Tech, spanning various categories such as Sports, Offroad, Muscle, SUV, Supercars etc.

1. Enus Jubilee

Category: SUV

Price: $1,650,000

2. Enus Deity

Category: Sedan

Price: $1,845,000

3. Annis 300R

Category: Sports 

Price: $2,075,000

4. Buffalo EVX

Category: Muscle

Price: $2,140,000

5. Buffalo STX

Buffalo STX

Category: Muscle 

Price: $2,150,000

6. Declasse Granger 3600LX

Category: SUV 

Price: $2,000,000

7. Dewbauchee Champion

Dewbauchee Champion

Category: Super

Price: $3,750,000

8. Bravado Greenwood

Category: Muscle

Price: $1,465,000

9. Penaud La Coureuse

Category: Sports 

Price: $1,990,000

10. Grotti GTO Stinger TT

Category: Sports

Price: $2,380,000

11. Obey Omnis e-GT

Category: Sports

Price: $1,795,000

12. Maibatsu MonstroCiti

Category: Offroad

Price: $1,485,000

13. Ocelot Virtue

Ocelot Virtue

Category: Super 

Price: $2,980,000

14. Mammoth Patriot Military Spec

Category: Offroad

Price: $1,710,000

Most of these cars can be purchased from various in-game Auto shops and they can be stored in any of your properties or garages to be used as your personal vehicle. Once equipped with armor plating, most of them can offer protection against homing missiles that can help you neglect players on Oppressor MK2s.

Do note that this list was inspired from data provided by GTA Base.

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