Here Are All the Best In-Game Valentine’s Day 2024 Events You Must Check Out!


Here Are All the Best In-Game Valentine’s Day 2024 Events You Must Check Out!

Surya Kumar
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Several games offer several enticing rewards upon completing special events on Valentine’s Day.
This guide highlights some of the best in-game Valentine’s Day events you can participate in this year.
Overwatch 2 will also supposedly feature a Valentine’s Day-themed Reaper skin for players to purchase.

If you find yourself dreading the second week of February each year, worry not, as you can spend your time, distancing yourself from reality by jumping into these games. While these titles won’t magically solve your relationship status, they prove to be a better distraction while also rewarding you with some enticing gifts. Here’s a roundup of all the Valentine’s Day events happening in games this year, some offering free rewards while others showcase new game modes, skins, and other cosmetics items for everyone to enjoy.

The Best In-Game Valentine’s Day 2024 Events to Try!

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

BGMI received a new update for Valentine’s Day adding a new in-game event called Happy Valentine’s Day Exchange Center which offers Desert Task Force outfits and Crate Coupons by collecting Valentine’s Day Chocolates and exchanging them for these rewards. The devs also added themed locations in Erangel where players can use specific emotes to celebrate this festival of love. Here’s everything else that was added:

  •  Valentine’s Day Wishing Well (grants level 3 loot)

  • Valentine’s Day-themed 2-seater bicycles.

  • Valentine’s Day Fireworks observation locations 

These events and rewards will be available from 9th February to 16th February.

Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX

Garena’s Free Fire MAX’s Valentine’s Day event will see the return of two favorite emotes for players to express their love in-game, while also adding new male and female bundles that can be acquired by collecting event tokens from a special web event. These are all the upcoming features expected to drop before 14th February:

  • Signature Rose Emote

  • “Be My Valentine” Emote

  • Special Valentine’s Gloo Wall Skin

  • Themed Lobby and Background Music

  • Romantic Cupid’s Scar Weapon Loot Crate

  • Valentine Rose Token Events and Missions

Additionally, players can also gift special bundles, emotes, and outfits to their friends for half the price as the game showcases a 50% off Valentine’s Day sale.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar is providing free rewards for players logging into GTA online on 14th February. You will be rewarded with the Yellow and Red Heart Shades from the clothing store. You will also receive the Purple Heart Shades if you work as a bodyguard. You will also receive triple the amount of cash and RP by participating in Valentine’s Day-themed modes such as:

  • Till Death Do Us Part

  • Shotgun Wedding

Furthermore, you also get 50% off on the Gunsenberg Sweeper Gun Van and on all Tattoos except the Dragon-styled ones.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

WoW celebrates Valentine’s by bringing back the Love is In The Air event which will be live until 19th February, offering scenic locations, a new mount, Dragonriding armor, and more. As a new addition, players are introduced to Gala of Gifts locations which are right outside Stormwind and Orgrimmar and are considered as the staging areas for this Valentine’s Day event. You can use the Love Token currency to purchase various items such as:

  • “Eyes for You Only” Toy: 40 tokens

  • “Date Simulation Modulator” Toy: 100 tokens

  • “Exquisite Love Boat” Toy: 270 tokens

  • Heartseeker Moth Pet: 40 tokens

  • Heartseeker Mana Ray Mount: 270 tokens

You will also be able to able 7 different buffs as part of the Love is In The Air event, each costing 5 Love tokens to increase your stats by 10% for 168 hours.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

Players can participate in the Carnival of Love event which will begin on 13th February at 10 AM and end on 15th February at 8 PM local time. You will receive bonuses such as:

  • Increased Candy XL drop rate when walking with your buddy

  • X2 Candy XL for evolving Pokemon

  • 2X XP for catching Pokemon during the event (only for Brazil)

You can also participate in the Carnival of Love collection challenge to receive XP, Stardust, and an encounter with Roserade. Players can also purchase the Luvdisc Tambourine Pose avatar item from the in-game store.

Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix introduced the “Valentione's Day” event that will reward players upon completing limited-time quests that will be live until 21st February. This quest aptly called “The Symbol of Love” begins in Grindania, at Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre and you will receive these items upon completion:

  • Love Heart Emote

  • Valentione’s Heart Chair

Additionally, players who missed out on the rewards from last year’s event can purchase them from the FF XIV online store. These are:

  • Male and Female sets of Valentione’s Emissary Attire

  • “Eat Chocolate” Emote

  • Valentione’s Heart Desk

Final Fantasy XIV

Monopoly GO

Monopoly GO introduced the Valentine’s Partners event that will end on 14th February. This event allows players to perform up to 5,000 dice rolls, stickers, and level-up landmarks. You will receive numerous rewards upon reaching five milestones such as:

  • Milestone 1: 200 Free Dice Rolls (requires 2500 points)

  • Milestone 2: Cash Prize (requires 8500 points)

  • Milestone 3: 250 Free Dice Rolls, 3-star sticker pack, and sticker boom for 15 minutes. (requires 21,500 points)

  • Milestone 4: 400 Free Dice Rolls and Cash Prize (requires 48,000 points)

  • Milestone 5: 500 Free Dice Rolls, a 4-star sticker pack, and Cash Prize (requires 80,000 points)

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