Hades 2 : Early Access Will Launch in Early 2024 on Steam & Epic Games Store


Hades 2 : Early Access Window Revealed

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Supergiant Games has announced that Hades II will hit early access in Q2 2024 on Steam and Epic Games Store.
Details about system requirements, pricing, and official release date will be revealed before the early access launch.

Hades is considered to be one of the best games in 2020. Players were able to get their hands on it long before the release thanks to Hades' early access in 2018, and it seems like the sequel is on the same path. 

On Thursday, Supergiant Studies finally broke its silence and offered an update on Hades 2, announced in December 2022. Hades 2 will hit Early Access on Steam and Epic Game Stores in Q2 2024. 

Hades 2 is All Set to Launch in Early Access on Steam & Epic Game Stores

Developer and publisher Supergiant Games shared an update on Hades 2 with a blog post. Players can expect to see Hades 2 early access available at some point in Q2 2024. When Hades 2 was initially announced during the Game Awards 2022, the studio wanted an early access build to be available for players, but have now explained that the game needs more time to be polished in order to deliver a refined and satisfying experience. In today's modern gaming, it's good to see a studio aiming to deliver a refined and finished game at the launch.

"You may be wondering, why can't we launch in Early Access, like, right now?!" the developers wrote in the blog post. 

"The game looked pretty far along in the first trailer! The reason is that Hades II will have at least as much content from day one in Early Access as the original game did back when it launched in Early Access on Steam. And, even though Early Access inherently means a game is not yet complete, we still want to do everything we can to make sure Hades II is worth your while as soon as you can play it in any capacity." The studio explains.

Hades 2

The studio plans to do a "technical test" that will take place right before Hades 2's early access launch. The technical test will be limited to a small number of players. 

Once Hades 2 hits early access, the developers plan to release several major game updates that will add more content and refine the game. We can expect to see the story expanded with each update as more characters will be introduced, deepening their relationships with the existing ones.   

The Official Hades 2 Trailer

Didn't catch the Hades 2 trailer at Game Awards 2022? Here's a chance to get that wrong right now.

You can wishlist Hades 2 on Steam or the Epic Games Store.

That's everything you need to know about Hades 2 early access. Be sure to follow us as we'll bring you all the Hades 2 updates you need to know about!

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