GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Is All Set to Get a Brand-New Update in 2024


GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Is All Set to Get a Brand-New Update in 2024

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The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Trilogy on Mobile received praise for its visuals and improvements, which raised hopes for a similar update on other platforms.
New reports suggest GTA Trilogy might be getting an update soon, including improvements players saw in the mobile version.

There’s no doubt that the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Trilogy Definitive Edition remasters were quite controversial, and to this day, their quality remains quite contentious. The Unreal Engine 4-powered games modernized the PS2 era with much more advanced rendering technology. However, the remastered versions were very different from the original titles, and the updated assets didn’t hold up to the serenity. 

The Grand Theft Auto Trilogy was released on mobiles in December 2023 and was quite a smooth release. Since then, players have been hoping that the mobile version improvements will come to other ports, and now reports suggest that this is likely to happen soon.

Reports Suggest Rockstar Might Bring New Patches to GTA Trilogy 

The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Trilogy was released on mobile in December 2023, and fans were relieved when its launch was much better than the Trilogy’s original release on PC and consoles. The Trilogy’s mobile release brought in new visual improvements, such as a new lighting mode, which looked to recreate the look of the original games. 

Notable GTA insider @videotechuk_ has revealed some quite interesting details about Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy on X. According to him; Rockstar Games is developing a new patch for the PC version of the game, which will possibly include all fixes and improvements players saw on the mobile port. The update will possibly bring the new Classic Light Mode, which restores the look and feel of the sky from the original games, one of the most requested features by the fans on the other platform. GTA fans are quite happy about this news and are hoping the update is delivered as soon as possible. 

SteamDB is a third-party website that monitors all changes in Steam’s database. It lets players know about the upcoming updates, patches, and even new releases to be added on Steam. Regarding the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy update, @videotechuk_ has commented that this isn’t related to Rockstar Games Launcher (RGL) changes.  

GTA: The Trilogy contained the remastered versions of Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The remasters were expected to modernize the game and make them visually impressive. However, GTA: Trilogy’s initial launch was heavily criticized by fans due to a wide range of issues and poor graphics. It led to many fans believing the Trilogy was simply another cash grab from Rockstar Games instead of an effort to honor the games. Despite this, the Trilogy sold quite well. 

The mobile releases in December 2023 brought significant visual improvements and squashed a lot of bugs found in the Console and PC versions. With reports of a new update, things are finally starting to look good for GTA Trilogy on PC.

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