GTA 6 Trailer: Six Major Things We Learnt About Rockstar's Next Title


GTA 6 Trailer: Six Things We Learnt About Rockstar's Next Title

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After years of speculations and rumors, information regarding GTA 6 has been finally revealed, all thanks to the game's first trailer reveal by Rockstar Games.
In this article, we will go through the six most impressive things revealed in the official GTA 6 Trailer.

Although it came a bit earlier than we expected, the GTA 6 trailer is finally out in the wild after a decade of speculation and rumors. The minute-and-a-half-long trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 gives us a glimpse of the action-packed Vice City and a bunch of details about what to expect. It seems like the rumors were true as well. We finally have our first female protagonist named Lucia in GTA, and the trailer largely follows her exploits and a whole range of views of the fictionalized Miami city.

However, our wait isn't over yet – GTA 6 won't be arriving on consoles until 2025, and we still don't have any official date for the PC launch. The good news is that fans have a lot of time to review all the information in the next 12 months or so, trying to learn as much as possible, starting from the first trailer. 

Of course, we haven't wasted any time going through it ourselves, and we bring you six things about GTA 6 that we've learned from the first trailer.

Six Things We Learnt from The GTA 6 Trailer

GTA 6 Trailer: Six Major Things We Learnt About Rockstar's Next Title

1. Vice City is Back!

We're returning to Vice City for GTA 6! The fictionalized version of Miami is the front and center of the trailer, as we've seen those beaches and palm-tree-lined streets. That's not all, though; the GTA 6 leaks this week also tell us that we're also getting four sub-cities and tons of new things to explore around the city.

2. First Female Protagonist

The trailer introduces us to Lucia, the first female main character in the franchise's history, who appears to be a stranger to the world of crime. Our first short of her appears to be in some prison as she talks to a character who is probably her parole officer. We still don't know much about the second character, but it looks like they're partners in crime. 

3. Car Customization Will Be Back 

What's a GTA game without car customization? Throughout the trailer, we get glimpses of the car culture in Vice City, showing us that car customization from GTA 5 is returning and is even stronger. Footage from the trailer shows off cars with new, fresh paint finish, switching from the classic, matte, and other coats from GTA 5. 

Aside from car customization, we've also spotted new vehicles such as Monster Trucks, Jet Skis, Dirt Bikes, Speedboats, Quad Bikes, Helicopters, Commercial Planes, Low-Riders, Yachts, and much more. 

4. Animals Are Returning

We first saw animals debut in GTA 5, and they're returning in GTA 6. Keeping in line with real-life Miami, Florida, the trailer features many animals, ranging from dogs to flamingos and crocodiles. However, whether Rockstar will bring back hunting as a side action is still being determined. 

5. Early Map Rumors for GTA 6 Appear to Be True

It's been said for years that GTA's map was going to be much larger in scale than GTA 5. While most rumors have suggested a huge map, certain leaks suggested that Rockstar planned for a GTA 4 approach, going for detail in smaller environments rather than scale. However, the GTA 6 trailer strengthens the former theory as multiple scenes showcase vast expanses across unique biomes.

6. Detailed Indoor Environments 

The GTA 6 trailer gives us a glimpse at different indoor settings like clubs and stores with unprecedented detail. We get a close-up look at all the interiors in the game, with detailed bottles, boxes, and even the texture of cardboard on shelves. It's a big step up from Grand Theft Auto 5, which was expected to happen. 

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