Ghostrunner 2: How to Parry Oncoming Attacks and Projectiles?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Ghostrunner 2: How to Parry Oncoming Attacks and Projectiles?</p></div>
Ghostrunner 2: How to Parry Oncoming Attacks and Projectiles?


Although parrying might seem like an easy and intuitive process on paper, mastering the timing and maintaining stamina can be quite challenging.
Ghostrunner 2 provides players with various skill upgrades like ‘Smart Deflect’ and ‘Smooth Moves’, making it easier to deflect incoming strikes.

The successor to the critically acclaimed Ghostrunner is just a few days away from going live and there is already a lot of speculation surrounding all the new gameplay elements it brings to the table. Apart from adding motorcycles to the mix, this new title will continue its tradition of high-speed combat, which can be daunting, thanks to the brutally aggressive enemies who can instantly kill you with a single strike. Although the game does provide upgrades to your character’s attributes, you will still need to master the game’s core mechanics like parrying and dodging to progress through its increasingly difficult levels. Here’s how you can use your parrying skills effectively in Ghostrunner 2.

How to Parry Oncoming Attacks in Ghostrunner 2?

Parrying in Ghostrunner 2 requires you to press the following keys:

  • For PC, press and hold your right mouse button to make your character hold the blade in a defensive stance. 

  • For Xbox, press and hold your LB button right before an incoming strike.

  • For PlayStation, press and hold your L1 button to block the attack.

Although it looks pretty simple and intuitive on paper, executing this maneuver can be challenging considering the game’s blistering quick movement speeds. Although Jack, the protagonist, is capable of blocking most melee attacks and projectiles, you must know that it drains his stamina bar (the blue bar below the crosshair). Apart from practicing proper timing to deflect attacks, you must also make sure you efficiently use your stamina and not completely deplete it. This is due to the fact that performing other evasive maneuvers like dashing also requires stamina. Considering the game’s brutal difficulty, an empty stamina bar means your death is imminent, so make sure to always reserve some just in case.

Parrying Upgrades Present in Ghostrunner 2

As mentioned earlier, the game provides buffs in the form of skill upgrades which makes parrying a bit easier to use. Once you have successfully completed a mission, you need to head to the headquarters to purchase these parry upgrades. There are 4 main skills you need to look out for. These are:

  •  Smart Deflect: Once you deflect projectiles, they ricochet back to the enemy who fired them.

  • Smooth Moves: Makes it easier to execute parries and deflect oncoming projectiles.

  • Fear Stimulator: Accomplishing a perfect parry restores your energy by 35%

  • Blade Coating: Gives you the ability to block powerful projectiles.

That is pretty much all you need to know about parrying in Ghostrunner 2. The game will officially launch on 26th October for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.

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