Get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 2 Years for Just $60 USD (₹5043 INR) With This Deal


Get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 2 Years for Just $60 USD (₹5043 INR) With This Deal

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For years, gamers have been able to enjoy hundreds of titles across PC, and Xbox with Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
With a few clever moves, you can get two years of Xbox Game Pass just for $60 USD (₹5043 INR). Here's a complete guide on how to secure this deal.

There’s no doubt that Xbox Game Pass is the ultimate deal for gamers, offering a monthly subscription fee to access a catalog of games. However, a clever user on Reddit has found a way to get Game Pass Ultimate for a discounted price of $60 USD (₹5043 INR) for two years.

How You Can Get 2 Years of Game Pass Ultimate for ₹5043 

If you’ve been thinking of purchasing or renewing your Game Pass subscription, now is a great time to get started with this discount. Game Pass Ultimate gives you the ability to play over 100 titles across both PC and Xbox Consoles, including popular titles such as Forza Motorsport, Starfield, Grand Theft Auto, Halo, Gears of War, and many more. New games are added all the time, including Xbox Game Studios titles the day they launch.

Reddit user u/sumyth90 has found a way through which players can get two years of Game Pass Ultimate for just a cost of $60 USD (₹5043 INR). The exploit works because of Microsoft’s multiple tiers of subscription. When you have some amount of Game Pass Core or normal Game Pass access in your account and purchase any amount of Game Pass Ultimate, your existing time will change to Ultimate time at a 3:2 ratio.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to secure this deal – 

  1. Head to e2zSTORE and search for six months of ‘Game Pass Core.’

  2. Once you’ve received the code on your email, redeem it from the Microsoft accounts page. You’ll receive a confirmation, and you can check out Microsoft Account | Services & Subscriptions to view the updated date for your Game Pass Core Subscription.

  3. You have to purchase ‘Game Pass Core’ six times. (6 x ₹749 = ₹4494)

  4. Now, buy a 1-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Code. You can do so by heading to E2Z or any place where you can get a voucher code.

  5. After you redeem this code, you’ll be prompted to convert your Game Pass Core into Game Pass Ultimate. You’ll be able to see a new ending date for your Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

  6. You’ll now have 2 Years of Game Pass Ultimate. 

36 months of Game Pass Core at $54 USD (4494 INR) converts to 24 months of Game Ultimate with a value of Rs $158 USD (13176 INR). By paying just $60 USD (5043 INR), you’ll be able to save over 50% on the cost of Game Pass Ultimate. Keep in mind that the maximum amount of Xbox Game Pass Core can be purchased on your account is 36 months. So, don’t purchase more if you already have any Game Pass Core on your account.

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