Fortnite Reveals Brand-New Flying Mechanic is Coming in Chapter 5 Season 2



Fortnite Reveals Brand-New Flying Mechanic is Coming in Chapter 5 Season 2

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Epic Games is turning up the heat for Chapter 5, Season 2, with a Greek Mythology theme and several crossovers.
Not only will the new season embrace Greek Mythology with several gods, heroes, and creatures, but a flying mechanic will also be introduced.

We’re just a few days away from the release of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season, and there’s a lot for players to be excited about. It’s already confirmed that the upcoming season will be based around Greek Mythology and introduce exciting new crossovers. However, it looks like Fortnite is set to shake up things in Chapter 5, Season 2, by introducing a brand-new flying mechanic.

Fortnite Is Introducing a New Movement Mechanic in Chapter 5 Season 2

It’s a known fact that Fortnite often changes its mobility mechanics by introducing new items, adjusting sprinting, and increasing run speed. Dataminers have speculated for a while now that Fortnite will soon introduce some flying mechanic, whether through special mounts or an item, and it seems like we’re finally going to get with the upcoming season.

On 5th March 2024, the official Fortnite Competitive account posted on X, "You know how you can walk or sprint when competing? Let's say you'll be able to do something else…" 

It’s clear that a new movement mechanic is being introduced in the upcoming Greek-themed season, but it’s not the only hint we have. Earlier this month, Epic Game’s co-founder Mark Rein sent the entire community into a frenzy after his word for the upcoming season was “Wings.” If we combine that with the news shared by Fortnite’s official social media handles, it’s clear that wings will be introduced in the game as a new way to get around the map. 

The introduction of flying mechanics and mythological skins represents a bold step forward for Fortnite, promising to refresh the gameplay and deepen the game’s lore. As players wait for more details, the integration of these elements proves Epic Games’ commitment to innovation and keeps the Fortnite community engaged and guessing. 

How Will The Wings Work in Fortnite?

While it's confirmed that we're getting a flying mechanic for Chapter 5, Season 2, questions remain about how it would function. Some players believe wings will be equipable, allowing players to fly temporarily before breaking. Other speculations suggest Griffin and Pegasus mounts will become available to tame around the map, allowing aerial mobility. There's also a theory that a permanent passive flying could be unlocked for players. For now, the implementation of flying still remains unclear. There's no doubt that a flying mechanic will completely shake up the game's traversal gameplay in a significant way, which we haven't seen since the launch of Chapter 5.

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