Football Manager 2024: The Best Manager Attributes


Football Manager 2024: The Best Manager Attributes

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If you do not have good manager attributes in Football Manager 2024, your players may not develop the way you like them to.
Looking for the best manager attributes in Football Manager 2024? We've got you covered. Here's a guide on the best manager attributes in FM24.

The new Football Manager 2024 is finally here. If you’re thinking about taking your first steps in Sports Interactive’s football sim franchise, in addition to learning about new features and best players, you should know the best manager attributes to develop an unbeatable team in all competitions. 

To help you, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide of the best manager attributes in Football Manager 2024 that you must know about. 

Football Manager 2024: What Are Manager Attributes?

As the manager, you are the most important member of your club’s staff. When you start a new game, you are able to set your own manager attributes. You will be provided with an allocation of points which you can distribute between mental attributes and coaching attributes. These allocations are determined by past playing experience and coaching badges you set for yourself.

Here are the attributes that affect the training of players - 

  1. Coaching – Attacking, Defending, Goalkeepers, Fitness, Technical, Tactical, Mental and Working with Youngsters

  2. Mental – Determination, Man Management, Level of Discipline and Motivating 

Coaching attributes affect your ability to train certain categories. There, having high ratings in some of these attributes is quite useful if you want to manage lower-reputation clubs where it’s hard to get good coaches. 

Mental attributes can affect your ability to train all training categories. Having high ratings in these attributes is useful if you are looking to manage lower-reputation clubs. Man management can be useful at all clubs since it helps improve the quality of training for senior players. 

Football Manager 2024: The Best Manager Attributes

Football Manager 2024: What are the Best Manager Attributes?

It can be confusing picking your manager stats, especially if you’re new to the game. However, there are a few general rules you should follow. 

Firstly, it’s always worthwhile following the coaching badges and past playing experience level as suggested by the game.

If you are starting at a small club with a low reputation, you will be able to improve those stats as the club grows around you. 

In Football Manager 2024, there are six different managerial focus options you can select from – Disciplinarian, Youth Development, Motivator, Knowledgeable, Taskmaster, and Tactician.  

It all comes down to the type of manager you want to be. If you want to focus on bringing youth from the academy, choose the Youth Development preset. Similarly, go with the Taskmaster preset if you’re getting involved in a high-intensity pressing system, which will give maxed fitness, determination, and mental stats, as well as the level of discipline and 17 motivating.

There’s no one size fits setup in FM 24; you must customize your base stats to suit your preferences. 

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