Football Manager 2024 Mobile: Release Date, Features & More

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Football Manager 2024 Mobile


Football Manager 2024 is the latest entry in the popular football management simulation series.
Here's everything you need to know about Football Manager 2024 Mobile.

If you're done with EA FC 24 for the time being and want to get pure tactical experience, then you're in luck! We finally have an official release date for Football Manager 2024 Mobile.

The Football Manager franchise that has captivated all football fans is returning with the 2024 edition of the game, which lets you live out the role of a manager once again and start your career at a variety of clubs and leagues around the globe. Here's everything you need to know about Football Manager 2024 Mobile, including the release date, new features, and much more.

Football Manager 2024 Mobile: Release Date 

The FM 24 Mobile is all set to release on 6th November 2023, confirmed by the developers.

Previous Football Manager titles were available to download on Google Play Store and Apple Store, but with the recent Netflix collaboration, the game will be only available for premium users on the streaming platform.

All console, PC, and mobile players who pre-purchase the game will be granted early access from 19th October 2023.

Football Manager 2024 Mobile: New Features & Changes

Football Manager 2024 brings a lot of new features for players to enjoy. The game will see the addition of a Financial Fair Play system with rules and sanctions, bringing Football Manager 2024 to a higher level of realism for the transfer market.

Additionally, there will be three brand-new starting scenarios for your FM24 career: Original, Real World, and Your World. Players would also see new roles and positions for their squads and a fresh negotiation system with their agents and players.

Football Manager 2024 Mobile

Football Manager 2024 Mobile: All Platforms

Sports Interactive and Sega have confirmed that Football Manager 2024 will be available on PC via Steam, Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass, and Epic Games Store. The game will also see a launch on PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and IOS and Android.

Football Manager 2024 Mobile: Will the Game Feature Women's Football?

Unfortunately, FM 24 Mobile launch won't feature women's football. However, Sports Interactive has confirmed that they're working hard to get women's football right in time for Football Manager 2024's big revamp next year.

In a blog post, studio director Miles Jacobson said, "The FM25 cycle will also see the long-awaited introduction of women's football to the Football Manager series.

"Before I go into the details, I want to acknowledge that since we first announced our commitment to introduce the women's game back in July 2021, we haven't provided any further public updates on the project, which has led to speculation and some frustration.

"The facts are that we've made really good progress in many areas, including research, the match engine, and translation. But there are other areas that haven't made enough advancements, a lot of which are legal issues.

"The women's game deserves to be the best it possibly can be when it is released - and the new graphics engine will help deliver that."

And that's everything you need to know about the Football Manager 2024 Mobile release. Be sure to follow us as we'll update you with the latest FM 24 news and guides. 

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