Everything You Need to Know About the Pitcher Plant in Minecraft


Everything You Need to Know About the Pitcher Plant in Minecraft

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The Pitcher plant is one of the most unique flora present in the game, mainly due to the special prerequisites you need to grow one.
Apart from its pleasing visual appearance, the plant is mainly used to create Cyan dye.
Make sure to grow your plant in the farmlands away from water or lava exposure.

With every update, numerous items are being added to the comprehensive sandbox world of Minecraft which seems to keep players busy even after a decade of being around. Apart from in-game items and weapons, Minecraft has also seen a diverse increase in flora and fauna. One such flora is the Pitcher plant which can be quite appealing due to its purple and light blue colors, which helps you craft the Cyan dye in the game. If you are looking forward to harvesting this plant, here is everything you need to know.

Growing The Pitcher Plant in Minecraft

The Pitcher plant might be one of the most unique flora present in the game, thanks to the process required to obtain it. A Pitcher plant usually emerges from a Pitcher Pod which is essentially the seed. It looks like a small square box when placed on the ground. Once the pitcher pod is planted, you will have to wait through five different growth cycles to get your hands on the plant. You can also use Bone Meal to speed up the process. Keep in mind that you do not need any specialized equipment to place the pod or collect the plant. Simply using your hand is sufficient to place pods and pick up fully grown plants.

Although it sounds easy on paper, you will have to go through the tedious process of obtaining a Pitcher pod which requires a Sniffer, a passive mob that does not spawn in a regular habitat. As the name suggests, these Sniffers will dig through dirt and grass to find seeds for other plants that are mainly used for decoration.

If you haven’t gotten lucky by finding a Sniffer in the wild, you will need to get access to Sniffer eggs which can be found in suspicious sand usually around warm water ruins and desert temples.

Once you have met all of these prerequisites, you will now have access to the 2-block tall Pitcher plant that will give you 2X Cyan dye which can be used to create aesthetically pleasing purple interiors. Make sure you plant your pods in a location fit for farming. Nearby water or lava can easily break the ungrown plant and you might have to repeat the process all over again. You can also use the Pitcher Pod as a seed to breed chicken and tame parrots.

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