Everything We Know So Far About Marvel’s Unreal Engine 5 Based Iron Man Game


Everything We Know So Far About Marvel’s Unreal Engine 5 Based Iron Man Game

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Marvel’s Iron Man game will be a single-player, third-person, action-adventure title developed on Unreal Engine 5.
Motive Studio has gathered a Community Council of Iron Man and Marvel fans who will provide feedback on various aspects like story, design, and gameplay.

In September 2022, Electronic Arts’s Motive Studio revealed that it is collaborating with the developers at Marvel to create a new Iron Man game running on Unreal Engine 5. This will supposedly be a single-player, third-person, action-adventure title where players step into the shoes of billionaire Tony Stark and his armored suit. Although the studio has gone silent after the announcement, many fans of Iron Man and Marvel are speculating about all the features being incorporated into this title. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

When Can We Expect the Release of Marvel’s Upcoming Iron Man Game?

In a recent post made by Motive, the General Manager Patrick Klaus mentioned that they started working on the Iron Man game right after the release of their Dead Space Remake which was launched in January this year. Considering the fact that the game is still in the pre-production stage, we can expect to see a release date in late 2025.

Which Platforms Will Marvel’s Iron Man Game Support?

 Considering the fact that the game is being developed on Unreal Engine 5, it eliminates the possibility of the game making its way to older-gen consoles like the PS4 and the Xbox One, as these decade-old consoles no longer meet the hardware requirements to handle newer game engines.

However, we can certainly expect the game to be available on PC and current-gen consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Potential Story and Gameplay Features of Marvel’s Iron Man Game

Considering the fact that the game will fit into the third-person action-adventure genre, many fans are expecting it to feature gameplay elements similar to Insomniac’s Spider-Man series. This includes an open-world style map where players can fly around the map using Iron Man’s thrusters. This speculation comes from a list of job postings by EA which stated that they are in need of developers with experience in the open-world genre of games.

Patrick Klaus also mentioned that they have already found numerous opportunities to explore the story, design, and gameplay of Iron Man as they have gathered a dedicated Community Council filled with passionate Iron Man and Marvel Fans. He says “they’ll be offering feedback on pretty much everything throughout the development process”. 

In a blog post by EA, it is stated that the game will feature an original narrative that focuses on the history of Iron Man along with the complexity and charisma portrayed by creative genius Tony Stark. Although this does not give us a glimpse of the plot, we can be certain that this upcoming title will have a unique narrative when compared to existing Iron Man games.

That is pretty much all the information we currently have on this untitled Iron Man game from Marvel and EA. Please take all of this information with a grain of salt, as most of it is based on rumors and speculation found online. Neither EA or Marvel has officially confirmed the release date or the platforms.

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