Escape From Tarkov Controversy: Battlestate Games Head Responds to Backlash


Escape From Tarkov Controversy: Battlestate Games Head Responds to Backlash

Surya Kumar
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Despite the promise to EOD owners, much of the new content introduced in the Unheard Edition is locked behind a paywall.
Studio Head and COO of Battlestate Nikita Buyanov now says that EOD owners can purchase the Unheard Edition at a 50% discount.
The studio also intends to offer the PvE mode separately for Players who wish to try it out.

Escape from Tarkov developed by Battlestate Games has arguably been one of the best extraction shooters in the market. The game is undeniably popular, reaching a total player count of 10 million since its closed beta release in 2017. However, the recent release of the "Unheard Edition" priced at a staggering $250 has sparked controversy within the community.

The backlash extends far beyond the steep price tag of the new version, as players who invested in the previous Edge of Darkness (EOD) Edition were guaranteed access to all upcoming DLCs, which appears to be unfulfilled as the studio has gone back on their promise, locking all new content behind a paywall. Following the outcry from the community, the Studio Head of Battlestate Games has now provided an update on the situation.

The COO of Batlestate Responds to the Situation, Proposes a New “Idea”

Studio Head and COO of Battlestate Games Nikita Buyanov finally responded to the uproar following the official statement from the game’s official X account. In a post to the official Escape from Tarkov subreddit, Buyanov addressed concerns among fans who purchased the Egde of Darkness (EOD) Edition of the game.

Initially, the studio stood by its decision, stating that the new content and features would only be accessible to players who purchase the Unhear Edition. However, this update from Buyanov now states that EOD players will be granted some of these features, including 6 months of access to the new offline PvE mode along with high-priority matchmaking. As expected, the community did not settle for the COO’s proposal and demanded permanent access to the latest DLC that the developer promised for all EOD owners.

For those unaware, the players who purchased the EOD Edition which cost 150 USD were promised “Free access to all subsequent DLCs (Season pass)”. Following the turmoil, this statement has since been revoked, with Battlestate Games representatives including Buyanov himself, stating that the contents of the Unheard Edition are not DLCs according to their understanding.

At the time of writing, COO Nikita Buyanov provided another update, this time addressing concerns as to why they cannot offer the new PvE mode to all EOD owners. Although the new mode is offline, players still have to access entirely separate Battlestate servers to play it. The studio head says that they currently do not have the required amount of resources to allow all existing EOD holders to access the PvE mode and that it will be available for free during the full release of the game.

Besides that, Buyanov also mentions that EOD players can now purchase the Unheard Edition for a 50% discount. Additionally, those who want to play the PvE mode can now purchase a separate early access for it. EOD owners who wish to try the early access will also get a 70% discount.

Despite these updates, the Escape from Tarkov remains displeased with the studio, labeling its actions as predatory and pay-to-win.

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