Epic Games Will Now Allow You to Disable “Confrontational Emotes” in Fortnite


Epic Games Will Now Allow You to Disable “Confrontational Emotes” in Fortnite

Surya Kumar
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Epic Games will introduce a new “See Confrontational Emotes” toggle to hide emotes that might be irritable to some players.
This feature can be accessed through the “Social Privacy” tab within the in-game settings.

Fortnite’s battle royale mode is arguably one of the most competitive online games that you can get your hands on. While it is certainly an exhilarating experience, your in-game battles can get a bit too intense and frustrating, especially if you are dealing with tryhards who constantly spam emotes as rage bait, just to tilt you.

Well, it turns out Epic Games is well aware of this problem, which is why they are introducing a new feature in the April v29.30 update. A new toggle within the game’s settings will allow players to hide emotes that are considered “confrontational”.

This Toggle Currently Hides Four “Confrontational” Emotes in Fortnite

This new toggle will be called “See Confrontational Emotes” under the “Social Privacy” tab within the settings menu. When this toggle is set to “Never”, players who perform this emote will appear to stand still and no sound will be heard, nullifying the effect of this emote. 

This new “See Confrontational Emotes” toggle currently applies to four different emotes in the game such as:

  • Laugh It Up

  • Take the L

  • Whipcrack

  • Make It Plantain

While there are only four “blacklisted” emotes right now, it is certainly possible to see this list grow bigger if and when the developers decide to add more such emotes. 


In addition to turning off these emotes completely, you also get the option to view them if it is only from your friends in your party. While some respect this decision by Epic Games, it seems like the majority of the fanbase is upset, with comments like “an option for people who can’t take things as a joke”. Some even accused the studio saying that they are “baby-proofing” Fortnite.

Although this might seem like a disappointment to mature players, you need to keep in mind that Fortnite has always emphasized inclusivity, and while the aforementioned emotes are widely used by many players, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and this appears to be the developer’s way of acknowledging their concern. 

Remember that the  “See Confrontational Emotes” toggle does not hinder your ability to use any of the emotes. It simply acts as an additional option for players who prefer to keep them hidden.

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