EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers Event: All You Need to Know

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EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers


EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers is the latest event launched by EA with the aim of bringing fresh content and features for players.
Are you wondering what's coming in the new EA FC Mobile event? Here's everything you need to know.

Following the incredible success of the Conmebol Libertadores event, EA Sports is back at it again with a new event called Rulebreakers. With the goal of revitalizing the gaming experience, EA has introduced a new pass, multiple quests, and a brand-new chapter to the game, all of which have created a buzz in the community! 

In this article, we’ll explore the EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers event and help you navigate and successfully complete it.

EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers: What is it?

EA Sports has added Rulebreakers to EA FC Mobile to honor the football players who have made magic on the pitch. The event, which runs from November 16th to November 30th, requires players to complete four training sessions and collect Rulebreakers points to unlock the featured players. 

EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers: Training Plan 

Here’s a look at the different training sessions that players must complete and the rewards available for redemption – 

  1. Skill Game 1

    Requirement - Passing Two-On-One 

    Rewards – 1000 Coins, Five Rulebreaker Points, 100 Rulebreaker Pass Points

  2. Skill Game 2

    Requirement – Box Shapes

    Rewards – 1500 Coins, Five Rulebreaker Points, 100 Rulebreaker Pass Points

  3. Skill Game 3

    Requirements – Cones and Cutouts

    Rewards – 2000 Coins, 10 Rulebreaker Points, 100 Rulebreaker Pass Points

  4. Match 

    Requirement – Play against 85 OVR Real Madrid with the match at 0-0- after the first half

    Rewards – 2500 Coins, 20 Rulebreaker Points, and 100 Rulebreaker Pass Points.

Keep in mind that skill games and matches will reset every day bringing new set of challenges. You can also use coins to get extra Rulebreaker Points at a rate of 80k coins for one Rulebreaker Point, and there’s no limit on how many points you can buy.

EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers: Training Rewards

You can use your hard-earned Rulebreaker Points by choosing between Rulebreaker Players or going for resources like gems, coins, and Universal Rank Players. Here’s a list of all the training rewards for the event – 

EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers: All Quests

Completing quests will provide you extra Rulebreakers Points and Pass Points, which can be used to move forward along the Rulebreakers Pass. Here’s a list of all the quests for the event – 

EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers: Exchange

You can visit the Training Rewards section, earn Rulebreakers Points, and trade players for an 87 OVR LB Balde. 

EA FC Mobile Rulebreakers: Rulebreakers Pass

Visit the Rulebreakers Event and select the “Rulebreakers Pass” button. The pass comes in two categories: a free version and a premium one. Here’s everything you can get if you opt for the premium Rulebreakers Pass –

You’ll be able to get rewards from the free section if you don’t buy the premium pass. However, these rewards would not match up in quantity and quality when compared to the goodies found in the paid pass.

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