EA FC 24 Release Time Countdown: When Does EA FC 24 Release in My Region?


EA FC 24 Release Time Countdown: When Does EA FC 24 Release in My Region?

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The launch of EA FC 24 is right on the horizon. Players are ready to take the pitch with their favorite players and teams.
If you are looking for EA FC 24 release countdown, we have got you with covered.

We’re at the end of September 2023, and it’s time for the yearly FIFA game release, but guess what? There’s no FIFA this time, only EA FC Sports 24.

When FIFA and EA’s partnership dissolved, some raised eyebrows. However, the hype for EA’s next soccer simulator hasn’t slowed down! EA FC 24 will be the first entry in the EA Sports FC franchise. As usual, there are two release dates players need to be aware of when it comes to EA FC 24. The date and time you’ll be able to get on the pitch will depend on the version of the game you’ve pre-ordered or are looking to purchase. Here’s our EA FC 24 release countdown to help you!

EA FC 24: Early Access Release Time Countdown

Are you the ultimate football player and have already ordered EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition? Well, good for you! You will get a seven-day early access to the game with your purchase. You can build an Ultimate Team before the rest of the player base, and other game modes will be unlocked as well for you to try. EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition owners would be able to play from 22nd September 2023, and depending on your region, you’ll be able to play at these times –

  1. 12 AM ET

  2. 9:30 PM IST

  3. 9 PM PT (21st September)

  4. 5 AM BST

With the early access set to launch on 22nd September 2023, Xbox players can set their location and language region to New Zealand to gain early access even sooner. 

EA FC 24: Global Release Time Countdown

If you can wait for a bit and want to save some cash, EA FC 24’s Standard Edition will just be fine for you. The standard edition includes the full game, obviously, but players will also be able to get three Ultimate Team loan items, nothing big, but still a nice incentive. If you’ve pre-ordered the standard edition or are looking to buy it on day one, you can expect the game to launch at this time:

  1. 12 AM Midnight 29th September 2023 (All Regions)

You won’t have to think about it that much, as it’s a global launch. EA FC 24 will be playable at 12 AM local time, regardless of your region.

And that’s everything you need to know about the release of EA FC 24. Be sure to follow us as we’ll update you with EA FC 24 news and guides.

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