Don’t Have Anyone to Co-Op With? Google is Designing an AI Tool to Make You Less Lonely



Don’t Have Anyone to Co-Op With? Google is Designing an AI Tool to Make You Less Lonely

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Google Deepmind has revealed its latest innovation in artificial intelligence with SIMA, a groundbreaking AI agent set to transform the gaming landscape.
SIMA represents an incredible leap forward in AI capabilities, boasting the capacity to learn and adapt gaming cap skills from various environments.

Despite the increasing talk of Artificial Intelligence (AI) developing at potentially dangerous speeds, things are hardly slowing down. OpenAI's launch of ChatGPT last year triggered a new race to develop AI technology and its integration into many services and apps. However, video games weren't untouched by it. Even Nvidia developed a brand-new technology that lets developers create generative NPCs that can converse with players' characters in real-time. 

However, Google seems to be taking things one step further. The company's DeepMind research group has unveiled a new AI program called 'SIMA,' which carries out various video game tasks. The AI program can play games, collaborate, and perform various actions based on your instructions. 

Google’s SIMA Can Help You Play Co-op Video Games

Google's SIMA, which stands for "Scalable, Instructable, Multiworld Agent," is still in the development stages, but it has the potential to completely change the way we play games. Unlike traditional AI companions, SIMA isn't simply another NPC character. This model is developed as a cooperative teammate, which can understand your actions and adapt its own accordingly. However, it isn't trained to win a game; it's trained to run it and help you carry out tedious tasks. 

To perform this, SIMA works on a combination of natural language processing and image recognition. This lets it perceive the 3D game world and respond to your instructions and actions. Google worked with multiple gaming studios to develop the SIMA model. It's trained on nine unique video games, including Teardown by Tuxedo Labs, No Man's Sky by Hello Games, and many more. 

No Man’s Sky

Hello Games

SIMA can control the gameplay using keyboard and mouse inputs. It comes with 600 skills, like which direction to move and jump in, but it can also be given complex tasks such as building a base or crafting food recipes. Google has stated that SIMA is not meant to work as a traditional NPC, but it would impact gameplay.

If Google's project is successful, AI could overcome many players' pain of not having a friend to boot up for a co-op mission or campaign. An AI party member who can make its own decisions and follow commands could certainly improve some people's experience with survival titles.

The Future of Gaming With AI Companions

The development of Google's SIMA indeed opens a new era in gaming, where AI companions can contribute meaningfully to our virtual experiences. Google's innovation heralds a future where AI companions can offer companionship, challenge, and assistance, making multiplayer and single-player titles richer and more dynamic. Google DeepMind's work not only pushes the boundaries of what can be done with AI but also redefines our relationship with technology, making gaming even more engaging, interactive, and alive.

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