Does Reverse: 1999 Support Crossplay?

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Does Reverse: 1999 Support Crossplay?


Reverse: 1999 is a tactical, story-driven roleplaying game available on both PCs and mobile that goes back and forth between different eras in the 20th century.
Since the game is available on both PCs and mobile phones, fans of the game have been wondering if it enables crossplaying and cross-saving.
So, let us dive into this question and find the answer to whether Reverse: 1999 supports crossplaying and cross-saving or not.

Set in the vintage realm of the 20th century, this turn-based tactical, story-driven roleplaying game has recently hit mobiles and Windows OS. The game boasts stunning, low-impact graphics that are not only light on the devices but also animate seamlessly.

The role of the players is that of the timekeeper named Verin, the only one who is immune to the ‘Storm’. Players traverse through distinct and memorable events in history that have been distorted due to magic and mystery and the topsy-turvy time shift in the game. 

Since the game is available on both PCs and mobiles, players have been wondering if they can switch between the devices and whether crossplay is available in the game. We’ll answer this looming question in this article, so read on and find out!

Does Reverse: 1999 Allow Crossplay Across PCs and Mobiles?

Well, the good news is that Reverse: 1999 does support crossplaying between platforms. Not only that but the game is also cross-save friendly. In order to enable crossplaying on both your devices, all you need to do is login with the same credentials on both devices. This will enable crossplaying on your devices, along with cross-saving. 

You can also add your friends and it will be updated on both devices that you use. Since Reverse: 1999 is a live service game, the save file of the game is stored on the server. This means that you will easily be able to resume the game wherever you left off. 

All You Need to Know About Reverse: 1999

Reverse: 1999 is a time-travel strategic RPG developed by Bluepoch. Play as Verin, the timekeeper of different eras and explore different eras in our history. Your mission is to accompany your friend and Arcanist named Sonetto and jump from one era to the next, finding other Arcanists and protecting them from the coming ‘Storm’ that can tumble the timeline and sift them out of it. 

The game boasts exquisite, cinematic visuals that add a touch of mystique and wonder to the different eras throughout the 20th century. So, whether it is the dashing, roaring ‘20s or the ‘70s, hop in different moments of history and uncover the mystery that surrounds the ‘Storm’ and the year 1999. 

The game only recently released on 26th October and has already created a buzz amongst gamers.

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