Do Logan Paul and Nick Kyrgios Play Pokemon Unite?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Do Logan Paul and Nick Kyrgios Play Pokemon&nbsp;Unite?</p></div>
Do Logan Paul and Nick Kyrgios Play Pokemon&nbsp;Unite?


An unexpected crossover between Nick Kyrgios and Logan Paul has taken place as the duo is hunting for an esports team for the 2024 Pokemon Championship.
Both were seen on Logan Paul's podcast 'Impaulsive' and have bonded over their shared love for Pokemon.
Kyrgios was also seen congratulating Paul on his wrestling career on X (formerly Twitter).

In an unexpected crossover, YouTuber Logan Paul and Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios have united over their shared love for Pokemon. Logan Paul has always expressed his passion for Pokemon, tracing back to his childhood, as has been seen on his YouTube channel.

He has now joined hands with renowned tennis star, Nick Kyrgios, who is well-known for his tennis prowess along with his penchant for gaming and tattoos.

Both were seen together on Logan Paul's podcast show 'Impaulsive'. Their union has sparked excitement in the Pokemon community. And the excitement remains ablaze as they both are now on a hunt for an esports team to compete in the 2024 Pokemon Champions League.

Nick Kyrgios Congratulates Paul on his Wrestling Career

Both Kyrgios and Paul have interacted on X (formerly Twitter), sending waves of excitement throughout their fan community. Their interactions allow fans to keep hope for an official union, which first culminated during their 'Impaulsive' podcast.

Then, Kyrgios was seen congratulating Paul on his wrestling career. In the tweet, Kyrgios also hints at a Pokemon Unite 'scene' between them. This got the Logan Paul fandom excited as they speculated about what's coming next.

Logan Paul, known for his YouTube origins, has expanded his career into boxing, podcasting, and WWE wrestling. Currently, he holds the title of United States Champion in WWE.

During a podcast discussion, Paul and Kyrgios revealed their shared love for gaming, particularly the multiplayer online arena game, Pokemon Unite.

And now they've announced their partnership in the upcoming Pokemon Unite Championships, welcoming other gamers to join their team.

Logan Paul and Nick Kyrgios Announce Pokemon Unite Partnership

After a tweet by Logan Paul went viral, the gaming community has been blazing with excitement. Basically, he posted a tweet with a short video clip of his Pokemon Unite gameplay. Along with it, he tweeted that he and Kyrgios are forming an eSports team for the "Championship Tournament."

The 29-second clip with the tweet featured him playing the game as he scored a 100-point goal, and achieved a KO 4 streak. He was seen defeating Cinderace, Dragonite, Blaziken, and Lefeon.

The tweet also revealed stats shared between Paul and Kyrgios. It mentioned that both he and Kyrgios hold the highest rank, Master Class, in Pokemon Unite, boasting an impressive 80% win rate and being "high scorers."

Anyone who wishes to approach the duo can either tag both on X (formerly Twitter) or send them a mail at JoinPoké

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