Contexto: #412 Answer and Hints for 4th November 2023

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Contexto: #412 Answer and Hints for 4th November 2023


Contexto uses artificial intelligence algorithms such as GloVe to generate the secret word.
The closest words to today’s answer are Bronze, Brass, and Nickel.

There are several games out there that were inspired by the well-known word game Wordle, and Contexto is certainly among the best of them. Although the premise is similar to most other word-guessing games, this one separates itself from the pack as it requires finding a word within a specific context. Every day you will be challenged with a new secret word, generated using an artificial intelligence algorithm. You will be given an unlimited number of tries to figure it out, so you could possibly keep speculating for hours!

This guide will help you figure out the answer for the secret word of the day and it will also provide you with hints and the closest words relating to it if you wish to take up the challenge yourself.

How Do You Play Contexto?

The ultimate goal of the game is to find the secret word generated by the GloVe algorithm. This AI creates a numerical representation of words called Word Embeddings which are used in Natural processing tasks such as understanding and translating languages.

In order to figure out the right word, the game gives you an unlimited number of guesses. The words that you type in, are sorted according to how similar they are to the secret word. Each word is associated with a number and once you have submitted it, the game will show you the position of this word in accordance with the secret number which always stays at 1. The AI algorithm goes through thousands of texts and analyses the context between words to calculate the similarity between them.

Hints for Contexto #412

Here are the top words that are in a similar context to the secret word:

  • Zinc: 10th position

  • Plate: 9th position

  • Iron: 8th position

  • Metal: 7th position

  • Gold: 6th position

  • Silver: 5th position

  • Bronze: 4th position

  • Brass: 3rd position

  • Nickel: 2nd position

The secret word of the day starts with the letter C and ends with the letter R. It is a noun and it contains six letters. It means "a red-brown metal, the chemical element of atomic number 29."

Here is the Answer for Contexto #412 (4th November)

The secret word for the day in the number one spot is COPPER.

Tips to Improve Your Contexto Skills as a Beginner

If you wish to get better at Contexto, these tips will certainly help you improve your guessing game:

  • Look for Similarities: Words in Contexto are often grouped together into categories or themes. If you have been guessing the word for a while and you haven’t gotten anywhere close, familiarizing yourself with these patterns can help you narrow down your options.

  • Use the Process of Elimination: Considering the fact that these words are clubbed together in terms of their context, you can simply start off by ruling out words that clearly do not fit in.

  • Keep an Eye on the Position of Your Word: After you submit your guess, you will receive a number based on its proximity to the secret word. You can attempt to type in synonyms to this word and see where it takes you.

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