Comprehensive List of All Trophies and Achievements in South Park: Snow Day!


Comprehensive List of All Trophies and Achievements in South Park: Snow Day!

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South Park: Snow Day! has 32 trophies in the game classified into 19 Bronze, 6 Silver, 6 Gold, and one Platinum.
Most of these trophies can be claimed simply by progressing through the story, and you have the option to earn all of them even when playing on ‘Easy’ difficulty.
Each achievement will unlock various rewards like weapons, powers, perks, upgrades, cosmetics, etc.

South Park: Snow Day! marks a departure from the turn-based gameplay featured in previous entries, this time offering an immersive third-person hack-and-slash experience for its players. With a focus on multiplayer co-op, up to four players can join forces and play together as the “New Kids”, traversing through the snow-covered town of South Park while battling numerous adversaries along the way.

While the gameplay system is narrative-driven and fairly intuitive, South Park: Snow Day! also features 32 different trophies to challenge the completionists. Without further delay, here are all the trophies waiting to be claimed in the game.

Complete List of All Trophies and Achievements in South Park: Snow Day!

Although South Park: Snow Day! is quite short in length with most players completing the game in a little over four hours. Regardless of its movie-like duration, it still offers a considerable amount of trophies for players to claim. There are a total of 32 trophies in the game, classified into 19 Bronze, 6 Silver, 6 Gold, and one ultimate Platinum Trophy.

As expected, the Platinum trophy called “Official South Park Resident” is handed out to players who manage to acquire all trophies in the game. Here’s the remaining list:


  • Marshpopper: Defeat Stan within 25 minutes of starting your run.

  • Know Thy Enemy: Defeat Cartman without damaging any stationary decoy.

  • Clean Underwear: Kill 50 Pooplets in one battle

  • Bastardly Behavior: Defeat Princess Kenny at the Town Square Amphitheater.

  • Inevitable Betrayal: Defeat Cartman in the foothills.

  • Everyone Needs Ambien: Defeat Mr. Hankey.


  • Pirate Ship, Please!: Kill 3 enemies with cannonballs.

  • Weed Killer: Defeat Kyle in his sacred grove.

  • The Cursed Bloodline: Defeat Liane at the church.

  • Fully Worthy: Become an honorary Marshwalker.

  • Dragon Killer: Defeat Stan at the playground.

  • Hardcore: Find and accept all of Nichole's Infernal Pacts across an entire run, and live to tell the tale.


  • No Tears Now, Only Dreams: While Invisible, defeat a human boss with a melee attack.

  • Grave Dancing: Dance while reviving an ally.

  • Van Helsing: Defeat 10 Vampire Kids.

  • Put the Ass in Assassin: Fart on 3 Assassins using Fart Escape.

  • Middle Management: Revive an ally with a Cheesed Necro.

  • Powdered Cheese Bath: Heal 150 points of damage with a single Healing Totem across any number of allies.

  • Found the Toot Button: Relieve the buildup of natural pressures in the gastrointestinal tract through quick, albeit semi-musical, bursts of gaseous release.

  • Impotent Vengeance: Toot on an enemy faction leader while dead.

  • A New Rule: Finish a map with one extra Rulebook applied.

  • The Green Seas: Make at least 4 enemies Vomit with no more than 1 second in between each.

  • Tap That Maple Syrup: Kill an Ent with Bleeding damage.

  • Discerning: Increase the Rarity of 10 upgrades to Rare or better.

  • Legendary: Acquire a Legendary Upgrade.

  • Ultra Legendary: Acquire an Ultra-Legendary Upgrade.

  • The Escher of Necromancy: Use Cheesy Zombies on a Necro.

  • I’ll Do It Myself: Damage an enemy in your Event Horizon using your own projectile.

  • Death From Above: Defeat 10 enemies with weapon strikes from the air.

  • Fields of Flame: Set 4 or more enemies on fire with no more than 2 seconds in between each.

  • Mooncrash: Kill an enemy with an aerial attack after floating with Moon Jump for at least a second.

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