Complete List of Reverse: 1999 Codes for November 2023

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Reverse: 1999 Codes for November 2023


If you've just started your journey in Bluepoch's strategic RPG, you probably need more essential resources at a worrying rate.
To help you progress in Reverse: 1999, we've compiled a list of all the active Reverse: 1999 codes you would need for free clear drops, dust, and much more.

Developed by Bluepoch, Reverse 1999 is a free-to-play strategic RPG game that boasts a fascinating card-based combat system and breathtaking visuals. The game’s in-depth, time-travel story takes players to anime versions of different historical periods, including the London of the 60s. 

If you want new characters to join you on your adventures, you’ll have to make use of the game’s gacha-style Summon system, and that’s where our Reverse: 1999 Codes for November 2023 can help you! You can use these codes to get a range of freebies, including vital Clear Drop currency, which is a must if you want new characters. 

Reverse: 1999 Codes for November 2023

Reverse: 1999 - All Working Codes for November 2023

Since its release, Reverse: 1999 has captured the gaming community’s attention and generated considerable excitement. So far, players love to dive into the game’s mystical combat, stylish voice-over, and captivating storyline.

As players unravel the secrets of the game, they can also look forward to the monthly release of redeem codes. These codes offer access to exclusive in-game rewards and freebies and allow players to gain access to more characters quickly. Bluepoch tends to dish out new codes with the arrival of updates or in-game milestones. 

Here’s a list of all the working Reverse: 1999 Codes and their rewards –

  • GACHAGAMING – Redeem code for free rewards

  • 5YRBRF9 – Redeem code for 3 Fine Insight Packages, 19999 Sharpodonty, and 19999 Dust

  • 1999GIFT – Redeem code for 1999 Dust and 50 Clear Drops

  • ENTERTHESHOW – Redeem code for five Enlighten, two Bottle of Pages, 3,000 Sharpodonty, 4,000 Dust, and 60 Clear Drop

Reverse: 1999 – All Expired Codes for November 2023

As of now, there are no expired Codes for Reverse: 1999. 

Reverse: 1999 – How to Redeem Free Codes?

Well, redeeming free codes in Reverse: 1999 is quite easy. If you’re confused, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to redeem codes in Reverse: 1999:

  1. Launch the game on your device

  2. Select the drop-down bars at the bottom of the lobby button 

  3. A new menu will pop up with different options. You need to choose ‘Settings’.

  4. Find the Exchange Code area and enter the code provided above.

  5. Click Confirm to get your rewards!

That’s all you need to know about the active Reverse:1999 Codes for November 2023. For more Reverse: 1999 Gift Code updates, be sure to follow us!

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