Clash Royale Balance Changes (April 2024): Season 58 Update

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Clash Royale Balance Changes (April 2024): Season&nbsp;58&nbsp;Update</p></div>

Clash Royale Balance Changes (April 2024): Season 58 Update



It is that time of the month again when Clash Royale brings in monthly balance changes.
The update was introduced on 9 April 2024 and has applied changes to Rocket Balloon and Archer Tower.
Here are all the balance changes in Clash Royale for April 2024.

Just like every other month, changes and updates for April 2024 are here. While Supercell has not yet released any balance updates, some other crucial updates are out.

Clash Royale Season 58 brings a fresh wave of excitement with some new additions. Along with it, the game also brings in consistent balance changes to ensure fair gameplay.

In this article, we will discuss all the balance changes that took place in Clash Royale on 9th April 2024.

Clash Royale Balance Changes (April 2024)

In the balance updates for April 2024, several adjustments were made to Rocket Balloon and Archer Tower. The balance changes introduced for both of them are as follows:

Rocket Balloon

Rocket Balloon has received a generous buff in its DPS as well as death damage across three levels. This is as follows:

At level 10:

  • Damage Per Second (DPS) rises from 276 to 285, making them more powerful in attacks.

  • Death Damage increases from 600 to 650, causing a stronger explosion when destroyed.

At level 9:

  • Death Damage spikes from 500 to 620, making them even more devastating when destroyed.

  • DPS increases from 256 to 280, boosting their attack strength.

At level 8:

  • DPS escalates from 236 to 270, increasing their damage output per second.

  • Death Damage increased from 400 to 580 to improve damage potential.

Archer Tower

To balance the gameplay, Archer Tower has undergone a nerf this time across two levels. It is as follows:

At level 16:

  • Hitpoints decrease from 1,330 to 1,310, making them slightly less sturdy in defense.

At level 17:

  • Hitpoints decline from 1,410 to 1,390, keeping their defensive strength consistent across levels.

New Trooper in Season 58

Along with these balance changes, Clash Royale has also brought in a brand-new trooper. Her name is Dagger Duchess.

This Tower Troop brings a unique attack style to the game. She packs a punch in the start, throwing a rapid flurry of daggers for high damage until her supply runs out. However, after this initial burst, her attack slows down significantly, as she reloads her knives.

While Dagger Duchess boasts higher hit points and damage initially compared to other tower troops like Princess and Cannoneer, she struggles against heavy pushes and large swarms over time due to her slower attack rate. Nevertheless, she is excellent at handling smaller pushes effectively. So, depending on your preference, you can choose your Tower Troop wisely.

Here is all the information related to all the balance changes for Clash Royale in April 2024 as well as addition of a new trooper. So if you are ready to jump back into action, go ahead. Make sure to come back here to check out the balance changes coming next month, in May 2024.

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