Changing FPS in Warframe Mobile: A Guide


Changing FPS in Warframe Mobile: A Guide

Aditi Joshi
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Here is your ultimate guide to changing FPS in Warframe Mobile for Android devices.
We also have a section dedicated to changing Warframe settings on computer devices!

A lot of players avoid mobile gaming due to the graphic limitations on their mobile devices. Many of them have found the case to be the same with Warframe as well. The limited 30 frames per second (FPS) can be a bit of a buzzkill when you're looking forward to stellar first-person shooter gameplay.

This is a game where split-second decisions can make or break your performance. Being vigilant is crucial, and for that, players need fast-paced, smooth gameplay experience. If you are looking for a solution to this problem, then you are at the right place. Here, we'll help your device achieve higher FPS in Warframe Mobile.

Warzone Mobile: The Current State at 30 FPS

Warframe Mobile on iOS devices, be it iPhones or iPads, is currently stuck at 30 FPS. This can debilitate the gaming experience and performance for players on mobile devices.

While this may be enough for console gaming, mobile gamers, especially those equipped with high-end devices, desire a smoother and sharper gameplay. And to achieve that, an FPS of around 60 is needed.

At present, however, changing the FPS settings directly in the game on iOS remains a distant dream. But this does not mean it will never happen. The developers of Warframe are constantly working to better our experience. And so, we hope to hear from them soon!

FPS Settings on Mobiles for Warframe

The following are the settings you can use to make your device more Warframe-friendly:

  • Controller Icon Set: Autodetect

  • Invert Y Axis: Disabled

  • Invert X Axis: Disabled

  • Look Sensitivity: 25

  • Aim Sensitivity: 25

  • Aim Sensitivity (Scoped): 25

  • Enable Vibration: Enabled

  • Auto Swap Weapon on Empty: Enabled

  • Reload with Context Action Input: Enabled

  • Melee with Fire Weapon Input: disabled

  • Melee Auto Targeting: Enabled

  • Camera Tracks Melee Target: Enabled

  • Align Attacks to Camera: Enabled

  • Crouch Button is Toggle: Enabled

  • Double Jump executes Void Sling: Enabled

  • Controller Trigger Effect Function: Enabled

System Settings in Warframe Mobile

  • Gore: Enabled

  • Enable Legacy Color Palettes: Disabled

  • Matchmaking Ping Limit: 300

  • Network Ports: 4950 & 4955

  • Cross Platform Play: Disabled

Video Settings in Warframe Mobile

  • Brightness: 50

  • Contrast: 50

  • Field of View: 80

  • Graphics Quality Preset: Low

  • GPU Particle Quality: Low

  • Motion Blur: On

  • Depth of Field: Off

  • Distortions: Off

  • Film Grain: Off

  • Bloom: Off

  • Weapon Elemental FX: Off

  • Color Correction: Off

  • Character Shadows: Off

  • Sun Shadows: Off

  • Dynamic Resolution: Auto

Audio Settings in Warframe Mobile

  • Master Volume: 100

  • Music Volume: 100

  • Sound Effects Volume: 100

  • Speech Volume: 100

  • Transmissions Volume: 100

  • Ordis Volume: 100

  • Nora Night Volume: 100

  • Self Manachord Volume: 100

  • Ally Manachord Volume: 100

  • Self Shawzin Volume: 100

  • Ordis Orbiter Transmissions: Enabled

  • Hint Transmissions: Enabled

  • Player Hit Marker Sound: Enabled

  • Reverb Quality: Enabled

Bettering the Performance on Computer

Now that we know that in-game options are absent, players will have to work on some workarounds. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to do so:

Step 1 – Close Background Apps and Processes

  • Close unnecessary background apps to free up system resources.

  • Disable background apps that drain battery of your device.

Step 2 – Optimizing Your GPU

  • Download and install the latest GPU drivers.

  • Ensure optimal GPU performance by adjusting settings tailored to your device's specifications.

Step 3 – Tweak the settings of the graphic card

  • Customize graphics settings to prioritize performance over visual quality.

  • Adjust resolution and refresh rate settings to prioritize performance over quality.

Step 4 – Use Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling

  • Turn on Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling for better performance, unless you're streaming or recording gameplay.

Step 5 – Optimize your Windows Settings

  • Disable Xbox Game Bar and enable Game Mode for smoother gameplay.

  • Fine-tune advanced scaling options to match your device's resolution.

Step 6 – BIOS Optimization for Maximum FPS

Regularly update your computer's BIOS for better performance, and adjust settings for your CPU and RAM.

And this is how you can change the FPS of Warframe Mobile as well as the computer. If something comes out for iOS, we'll be here to update it.

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