Can You Visit Earth in Starfield?

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Can You Visit Earth in Starfield?


One of the first places that players want to visit in Starfield is Earth and it is technically possible to visit.
During your campaign, you will uncover what really happened to the planet and will be responsible for uncovering its secrets.

If you are wondering if you can visit Earth in Starfield, the answer is a complicated one. While it is technically possible to visit earth, what you will actually find on the planet we call home is unsettling. Something occurred in Starfield’s timeline that forced us to evacuate and colonize space instead. But if you still want to go to the planet and uncover its secrets, here’s what you need to know.

Is it possible to visit Earth in Starfield?

Yes, you can visit Earth in the game Starfield, but it's quite different from the real Earth we know. Earth in Starfield is no longer suitable for humans to live on. The game doesn't tell us exactly what happened to Earth, but you can learn more about it by visiting the museum in New Atlantis, the largest city in the game. This museum has information about various planets, including Earth, and the events that led to its decline.

In the game's storyline, you'll likely embark on a quest to uncover the mystery behind Earth's desolation. The lead quest designer, Will Shen, mentioned that early in the main quest, you'll be sent to our solar system, known as the 'Old Neighbourhood' in the game's lore, to explore artifacts and discover what happened to Earth. Afterward, you'll also get to visit Mars, which was one of the first places humans settled after leaving Earth. Both Earth and Mars are part of the Sol solar system in the game, and you'll have the opportunity to travel to other planets within Sol as well.

Sarah Morgan tells us in-game that, “it’s all ancient history now, but the Earth lost its atmosphere. It started sputtering out into space. Humanity had about fifty years to evacuate the planet. That’s kind of how the United Colonies government started. Managing the exodus. Earth is more or less a dust ball now. You can occasionally find a few remnants of the world we left behind on the surface, but not much.”

During your journey you will uncover what happened to the planet but we will let you experience the story yourself and find out why we left Earth in the first place. 

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