Can You Repair Tools in LEGO Fortnite?

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Can You Repair Tools in LEGO Fortnite?

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It is currently impossible to repair tools in Fortnite but there was a glitch that allowed players to have infinite durability.
Epic Games has patched out the glitch and you can no longer replicate it.

Unfortunately, there is no official way to repair tools in LEGO Fortnite. Unlike weapons, tools like axes, picks, and shovels have no built-in repair mechanic which can be frustrating for some players who do not enjoy weapon durability mechanics.

However, there used to be a glitch that players could exploit to essentially repair their tools. It involved placing the damaged tool in a small storage chest and then destroying the chest. This would magically restore the tool to full health.

What Was The Tool Repair Glitch in Fortnite?

Here is how the tool repair glitch worked in Fortnite. 


  • 6 Planks

  • Small Storage Chest

  • Damaged Tool(s)/Weapon(s)


  1. Build a Lumber Mill: This is necessary to acquire planks.

  2. Craft a Small Storage Chest: Requires 6 planks obtained from the Lumber Mill.

  3. Place damaged tools/weapons inside the chest.

  4. Destroy the small storage chest with your bare hands. Three punches should do the trick.

  5. Pick up the contents. This restores the durability of your tools and weapons.

The glitch has been patched out at the time of writing so you will no longer be able to abuse the glitch anymore to have infinite durability.

How to Minimize Tool Repairs in LEGO Fortnite

Here are some tips on how to avoid breaking your tools in LEGO Fortnite:

  • Use the correct tool for the job. Don't try to use a pickaxe to chop down trees, for example.

  • Be careful when attacking enemies. A single hit from a strong enemy can break your tool.

  • Repair your tools regularly. If you notice your tool starting to break, find a workbench and repair it before it breaks completely.

While it's currently impossible to repair tools in LEGO Fortnite, keep an eye out for future updates. Epic Games might introduce a new repair mechanic in the future.

All Tools in LEGO Fortnite

Primary Tools:

  • Pickaxe: Your basic tool for mining and breaking blocks. Also used to attack enemies.

  • Forest Axe: A more powerful pickaxe for chopping down trees and breaking tougher objects.

  • Shovel: Used for digging and uncovering hidden treasures.

Upgraded Tools:

  • Rare Pickaxe: Increased durability and breaks harder blocks.

  • Epic Pickaxe: The strongest pickaxe, breaks even the toughest materials.

  • Rare Forest Axe: Chops down large trees quickly.

  • Epic Forest Axe: Fells even the largest trees in seconds.

  • Rare Shovel: Digs faster and uncovers deeper treasures.

  • Epic Shovel: Digs through any terrain quickly and unearths the most valuable treasures.

Other Tools:

  • Fishing Rod: Used for fishing in rivers and lakes.

  • Grappling Hook: Swings across gaps and reaches high places.

  • Jetpack: Flies short distances and explores the map easily.

  • Hoverboard: Travels across the map quickly and easily.

Character-Specific Tools:

  • Light Saber (Star Wars characters): A powerful weapon also used for building and interacting with objects.

  • Mjolnir (Thor): Summons lightning and can be used for melee combat.

  • Stormbreaker (Groot): A powerful axe used for melee combat.

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