Can Players Use Routes in Pokemon Go Party Play?


Can Players Use Routes in Pokemon Go Party Play?

Aditi Joshi
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Pokemon Go has been continually rolling out new events and features to keep the players engaged and constantly keep the game relevant.
But, this philosophy seems to have backfired due to the fact that players are unable to enjoy these features together.
In this article, we'll take a deep dive into understanding whether players can use Routes during Pokemon Go Party Play.

Pokemon Go has been rolling out a range of different features these days, keeping the action alive. As its Halloween event is coming to an end and the November agenda arises, fans are excited to enter these events with the new features. The recently released Party Play feature has been the talk of the town lately. It was a long time coming and has finally made it's way into the game.

Another feature that was recently integrated into the game is Routes. This is a feature that complements the geographical diversity of different places, allowing players to create walking paths so that they can highlight interesting sights in their cities. However, when combined, these two features have not been able to blend well.

Players are not happy with the direction that the game is taking due to all the troubles that are coming when players try to use the Routes feature during Party Play. In this article, we'll take a deep dive and try to understand if players can use Routes in Pokemon Go Party Play.

Players Complain About the Inability to Use Routes in Party Play

Firstly, Niantic introduced Routes fairly recently. It wrote, "A Route is a pre-defined path that you can follow while exploring. These paths may be made by Niantic, official partners, or other Trainers, like you! As you follow a Route, you may discover Pokémon and receive special bonuses while following the Route and completing Routes will grant you rewards."

In a fairly viral Reddit post titled 'You can't do routes in a party...', the user complained about the fact that they cannot use Routes while using Party Play. Many replies in the comments seem to back this statement, with one user named Toppdoggcan replying, "Was also disappointed to learn this." The majority of Redditors also agreed.

Furthermore, other players were also seen complaining about the Party Play feature in general, finding it odd that the two newly released features are not compatible with each other.

So the answer to the question of 'Can Players Use Routes in Pokemon Go Party Play?' currently stands at 'NO.'

We haven't heard anything from Niantic as of now, but it is possible that it may bring the two features together in the next update. Party Play is a fairly recent addition and might take some time to find the correct technical footing behind the scenes.

However, other players have also shared concern about the trinity of Showcases, Party Play and Routes not aligning together. They believe that it might be quite detrimental to the game as well as the community if the issue persists, since it is directly impacting the gaming experience.

It could be a possibility that Niantic did not anticipate the technical barriers that Party Play might pose while conjoining it with Routes. However, we can't bet on it. But one comment on Reddit seemed to sum up the community response to these speculations. The user wrote, "Both routes and parties are good ideas just weirdly underbaked. Like basic stuff, text tags not replaced properly, reversing routes being glitchy as hell, parties behavior when finishing tasks being weird. None of these feel like huge time sucks, just rushing things out the door before they are ready"

It seems like Niantic is in a bit of a bind in the race to ensure that players remain hooked to the game. Surely, introducing new features will enliven the servers and keep users engaged. However, it is also significant to guarantee the best user experience for the players. Notably, for a brand as massive as Pokemon, that has managed to establish commendable relations with the community, user feedback should be extremely crucial.

Hopefully, Niantic will come through and provide a better solution to these problems. In the meantime, it seems like players will have to make a choice between the two - Routes and Party Play.

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