Can Foongus Be Shiny in Pokemon Go?


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Can Foongus Be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

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Foongus is a mushroom-shaped, adorable Pokemon that was introduced in 2019 in Pokemon Go.
It hails from the Unova region and cannot be caught during raids or egg hatches.
Foongus also has a shiny variant of it available in the game, but it can be incredibly hard to come by.

Foongus is a grass and poison-type Pokemon from the Unova region. It boasts an adorable mushroom-like appearance. While it is not the most powerful Pokemon out there, trainers often find themselves getting excited to capture and add this cute creature to their Pokedex.

The Pokemon was released in 2019 during the final part of the Ultra Bonus Event. It was part of the 'A Unova Unveiling', where Pokemon from the Unova region were introduced. However, the shiny version of Foongus made its debut at the beginning of the Pokemon Go Fest in Berlin in 2022.

So, if you are looking forward to catching this goofy and cute mushroom Pokemon, you are in the right place. We'll also take a look at how to get its shiny version.

Catching Foongus in Pokemon Go

Foongus is an adorable mushroom-shaped Pokemon in Pokemon Go. 

Catching Foongus is not an easy task. The only way to acquire it is by exploring the wildlife of Pokemon Go. Unlike some other Pokemon, Foongus does not appear in raids or egg hatches. This makes it incredibly hard to capture it. Spotting it mostly depends on your luck. If you stumble upon this mushroom Pokemon anywhere, consider yourself fortunate.

As it's a mushroom Pokemon, it is likely to spawn in damp places. So, players can definitely check such places in Pokemon Go and try their luck.

Evolving Foongus: How to do it in Pokemon Go?

Foongus evolves into Amoonguss. 

If you have managed to catch Foongus, the next step is to obviously evolve it into its next form. This is Amoonguss.

Using Candy to Evolve Foongus

Players can evolve Foongus to Amoongus using Candy. To initiate the process, they will require 50 Candies. Fortunately, Amoonguss is the final form of Foongus, so players won't have to spend more of their time looking for candies.

Can Foongus Be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, Foongus can be shiny in Pokemon Go, as has been stated above. It was introduced two years after the launch of Foongus. As hard as it is to capture Foongus, it's doubly hard to spot the shiny version.

It is mostly during in-game events and special seasons that a shiny version might be lurking in the wild. So, your eyes peeled for Foongus as you may find it unexpectedly.

Shiny Version of Foongus: How's It Different?

The Shiny version of Foongus is slightly different than the standard version. Instead of the usual red cap that Foongus has, the Shiny version sports a purple one.

Obviously, this is not the most drastic change, so players might confuse between the two. It is essential to keep an eye out in case you have a rare encounter with the shiny version.

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