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Can Duskull Be Shiny In Pokemon Go?

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Pokemon Go recently concluded both the Halloween event and the 2023 Dia de Muertos event.
During these events, extremely rare Pokemon tend to appear, giving players a chance to capture them. If it's their shiny variant, then the chase becomes more thrilling.
The same is true for the elusive, ghost-type Pokemon, Duskull. Here's all you need to know about Shiny Duskull.

Pokemon Go has really been giving players new and exciting content without a break. Within these events of Halloween and Dia de Muertos, a ghost-type Pokemon named Duskull gained a lot of popularity. Sporting a captivating cempasúchil crown, this Ghost-type Pokémon has taken the Pokémon Go world by storm. Trainers, old and new, are now wondering from shadows, wondering if they can lay their hands on a shiny Duskull. 

But is a shiny Duskull available in the game? If yes, how can you catch one? Let us take a look at different ways to capture it. 

Is a Shiny Duskull Available in Pokemon Go?

The answer to this question is yes! Yes, there is a shiny Duskull available in Pokemon Go and there are different ways to catch it. However, this is an extremely rare variant of Duskull and is mostly available during events like the recently concluded Halloween event or Dia de Muertos. That is why this is an extremely popular and sought after variant. The shiny Duskull was also available in cempasúchil crown during the Dia de Muertos event, a beautiful sight to witness. 

Not only Duskull, but its evolutions - Dusclops and Dusknoir, are also available in shiny variants during these rare occasions. 

Is a Shiny Duskull Available in Pokemon Go?


How to Capture Shiny Duskull in Pokemon Go?

Since Duskull is a ghost-type Pokemon, its rarity becomes more intense, as it lurks in the shadows, out only during special events. However, with the right strategy, you can capture it. The following are some events and situations when you can capture them:

  • Día de Muertos Event: To encounter the cempasúchil crown Duskull, you'll want to participate in the annual Día de Muertos event in Pokemon GO.

  • Halloween Hunts: Duskull can make an appearance during the annual Halloween events. 

  • Nighttime Haunts: Ghost Pokemon are more likely to emerge during the dark hours, so gear up in the night to increase your chances of meeting Duskull.

  • Foggy Weather Favors Ghosts: When the weather turns foggy, Ghost Pokemon tend to materialize more frequently. So, keep an eye on the forecast to initiate your ghost hunt.

There is not much that can be done to capture a shiny Duskull since its sight is quite rare. You will only have to wait for favorable conditions and the right events to catch it. 

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