Call of Duty Pro Gets a Permanent Ban For Allegedly Using Unlock Tools


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Call of Duty Pro Gets a Permanent Ban for Alleged Use of Unlock Tools

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In a decisive move highlighting the rigorous standards of competitive integrity, the CoD Esports community has witnessed the ban of professional player, Abuzah.
In recent months, Activision has been cracking down on cheaters and boosters in Call of Duty and is now even targeting pro players who use illegal software.

The Call of Duty (CoD) Esports scene is no stranger to controversies. Earlier this year, Activision was outright sued by a professional CoD Team, claiming that they were mistreated. Now, the integrity of these competitive games is in jeopardy as one professional player has been issued a permanent ban.

Seattle Surge's pro player Jordan "Abuzah" François has received a permanent ban on his Call of Duty League (CDL) account for using game-breaking tools to get camos and other exclusive skins on their account. The pro player revealed the news of the ban online, admitting to using unauthorized tools to unlock cosmetics in the game.

Call of Duty Pro Receives a Permanent for Allegedly Using Unlock Tools

On 10th April 2024, Seattle Surge's Abuzah took to X and shared the news that he had received a ban on his CDL account. One of his fans responded to the post and said that the pro player had someone with an unlock tool put exclusive camos on his account. Abuzah said he just wanted to have some camo and didn’t do anything wrong.

In one of his replies, the pro player also stated that 90% of the CDL players had done the same thing. However, he clearly mentioned that he hadn’t purchased an unlock tool software. So, it’s still unknown how exactly Abuzah managed to get the camos on his account. 

Right after Abuzah informed his fans about the CDL Ban, popular player James “Clayster” Eubanks replied to the post and said that he knows someone who ended up getting a ban for camos and had to pay a fine to CDL.

What Are Unlock Tools in Call of Duty?

The unlock tools are an illegal way to get exclusive and unique CoD camo before they’ve even launched in the game. People can get these tools by purchasing them or asking someone with the tool to add the skins for themselves. The use of unlock tools has spiked ever since the release of Warzone. However, its use is completely prohibited. Activision's decision to ban Abuzah shows their dedication to putting an end to illegal cheating and hacking tools in the CoD games.

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