Buildings & Landmarks in Monopoly Go: All You Need to Know

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Buildings &amp; Landmarks in Monopoly Go


Buildings & landmarks in Monopoly Go are land structures that you can capitalize on in order to earn your income.
You can build houses and hotels in the game, and protect them using shields. When you’ve collected enough shields, additional shields become dice rolls.
Here is everything you need to know about buildings & landmarks in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go is a virtual rendition of the classic Monopoly board game. The game introduces a wide range of incentives due to the digital advantage, allowing players to enjoy the game differently. An important aspect of the game is the houses you build, the hotels you rent and other landmarks in general. It is important to have some sort of protection for your Buildings & Landmarks in Monopoly Go, in case a player lands on them. 

There are five landmarks in the game, and every time you build or upgrade it, you’ll earn a house. And once you are able to place five houses in a single tile, it will upgrade to a hotel. You’ll also need to learn how you can protect your buildings & landmarks in Monopoly Go.

This guide will equip you with intricacies surrounding these structures and their protection. 

What is a Landmark in Monopoly Go?

In Monopoly Go, each board level boasts five distinct landmark items. These landmarks are not merely decorative. Players that go around the board can construct and upgrade each landmark to its maximum level to progress through the board levels. 

However, rival players may attempt to sabotage your progress by breaking your landmarks. In such instances, players will have to be quick at repairing these damaged landmarks. Keep in mind that repairing a landmark won't yield any immediate rewards. However, it is an essential step towards ensuring your progress throughout the game. 

Access your landmarks using the Build button located in the bottom menu. When you upgrade or repair a landmark, it costs you money, but it can also help you expand your wealth in the game. Whenever you repair buildings & landmarks in Monopoly Go, it increases your net worth and rewards you with a house that can be placed on a random property tile.

Houses and Hotels in Monopoly Go

Houses and hotels are the primary source of your monetary expansion in Monopoly Go. You can earn income by generating increased rent on your property tiles. Obtaining these structures involves strategic building and upgrading within the game. The process of accumulating a house, and then a hotel begins with you building or upgrading any landmark. 

These houses are automatically distributed across random property tiles upon your return to the game board. When you have successfully placed five houses on a single tile, you’ll be rewarded with an automatic upgrade that transforms the houses to a single hotel. 

Continuing with the series of rewards, when you manage to place hotels on all properties of the same color set, a bonus prize can be unlocked, which further adds excitement to your Monopoly Go journey. The more houses and hotels you have on property tiles, the more the income in the game. 

Protecting Buildings & Landmarks in Monopoly Go

While collecting wealth and constructing landmarks is a great way to earn income, players also aim to attack their rivals and dismantle the other houses and hotels to go ahead in the game. In this scenario, rivals may end up inflicting shutdown attacks on your buildings & landmarks in Monopoly Go. Therefore, it is necessary to be equipped with the right tools that can protect you from these attacks. 

Shields are the essential layer of protection that help you guard your property in a shutdown attack. However, these shields are not infinite. They also require continuous replenishment since they are consumed upon use. When you go around the board, you’ll be able to collect shields from tiles that contain a shield icon. When you’ve been able to gather enough shield to their maximum capacity, additional shields can be converted to a dice roll. 

This is everything you need to know about buildings & landmarks in Monopoly Go, along with shields in the game. 

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