Brawl Stars Mega Pig Event: All You Need to Know

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Brawl Stars Mega Pig Event


The Brawl Stars Mega Pig event is a monthly club activity that offers players many rewards. It was introduced to replace club leagues, and it's an easy way to earn rewards if you're not in a competitive club.
Here's everything you need to know about the Brawl Stars Mega Pig event, including its format, rewards, and more.

It was undoubtedly one of the biggest changes when Brawl Stars got rid of Club League and Club Games in Season 21 with the Mega Pig event. The Mega Pig event in Brawl Stars is a monthly event that allows players to unlock extravagant rewards with your Club. 

The Mega Pig event is a great opportunity for you to earn tons of unique rewards. However, you must regularly play matches and team up with other Club members to earn these items. The ultimate goal of the event is to encourage Club activity.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Brawl Stars Mega Pig Event, including its game format, how to play, and rewards. 

Brawl Stars Mega Pig Event

What is the Brawl Stars Mega Pig Event?

Brawl Stars Season 21 reshaped the game with a variety of new features, including the Mega Pig Event. The new event is available once a month for an entire weekend. Once the Mega Pig Event starts, all Club Members get 18 Tickets, which they can use to play matches. 

Winning matches fill up the Mega Pig with Coins, Bling, Power Points, and Starr Drops. Clubs can reach a certain number of milestones, and reaching higher milestones will result in increased rewards for everyone. Once the event comes to an end, the items will be given to all the Club Members. 

The Mega Pig incentivizes the entire Club to work together to get wins. Even if you don’t team up, you can still contribute without having to play together. Make sure to join a full Club with active members if you want to get the most rewards from the event.

What are Mega Pig Game Format & Match Modifiers?

Mega Pig event matches feature a unique format that randomly chooses game modes, modifiers, and maps.  

We all know that game modifiers have a large impact on the match rules, so it’s crucial to know about them – 

  • Super Bushy: The match will begin with normal bushes, but then, every second, the bushes will spread randomly. 

  • Instant Overtime: Obstacles, including unbreakable walls, will instantly disappear from the map when the match begins.

  • Unlimited Power: When brawlers get eliminated, they spawn a Power Cube that other brawlers can pick up.

  • Classic: There’ll be no active game modifiers. 

The Mega Pig Event matches are largely centered around a random-themed format and offer players a small brawler selection. In the Mega Pig matches, there will be no ban or preparation phase, but there will be a synchronous pick phase for both teams, and duplicated brawlers in the enemy team will be allowed. All matches are best-of-1, so make sure to go all in and fill up the Mega Pig.

What Are Mega Pig Rewards?

As we’ve said earlier, if a club manages to reach a higher Mega Pig milestone, its rewards will be significantly better. The rewards will be distributed to club members at the conclusion of the event. If you want to be eligible for a share of the rewards, you need to win at least one game during the event. 

If you’re on that Mega Pig grind and one of the top contributors, you’ll also receive additional Starr Drops as a reward for your efforts!

That’s everything you need to know about the Brawl Stars Mega Pig Event. Be sure to follow us as we’ll bring you the latest Brawl Stars news and guides!

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