Brawl Stars Legendary Starr Drop Update: All Changes Explained

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Brawl Stars Legendary Starr Drop Update: All Changes Explained</p></div>
Brawl Stars Legendary Starr Drop Update: All Changes Explained


Supercell has brought some improvements and bug fixes to Legendary Starr Drops with the latest update.
What's changing with Legendary Starr Drops? Here's what you need to know.

Supercell is always updating Brawl Stars to deliver the ultimate gaming experience to its players. Introduced in June 2023, Legendary Starr Drops has received some changes in the latest update to provide a better and more engaging Brawl experience.

Here is everything you need to know about Brawl Stars Legendary Starr Drop update, along with all the changes coming. 

Brawl Stars: Improvements to Legendary Starr Drops

Starr Drops become available in Brawl Stars once a player reaches 50 trophies. It serves as one of the primary methods for getting your hands on Brawlers and other items in the game. However, Supercell has made some to Starr Drops of Legendary Caliber, all mentioned below –

Content Changes

The developers have decided to remove Gadgets, Sprays, Pins, and Profile icons from Legendary Starr Drops and move them to Mythic Starr Drops. The goal is to streamline the content found in Legendary Starr Drops and prioritize items associated with higher rarities. 

The Legendary Starr Drops will now come with a selection of valuable items. You can expect to find Star Powers and Brawlers ranging from Epic to Legendary rarities, Hypercharges, and rare skins. This makes Legendary Starr Drops even more exciting and rewarding by featuring exclusive items!

Even though there are comprehensive content changes to Legendary Starr Drops, Supercell has emphasized that the chances of getting a Legendary Starr Drop have not been reduced.  

Fallback Rewards 

Even though Legendary Starr Drops now focuses more on exclusive and rare items, you can still get resources from these drops as fallback rewards. It’s a guarantee that even if you don’t get the exclusive items, you will still receive valuable resources, ensuring a balanced reward system for players. 

To implement these changes without changing the overall reward redistribution, the developers have rebalanced resources in other rarities. Coins and Token Doublers have been nerfed. But don’t worry! Supercell has increased the probability of obtaining Starr Powers, Gadgets, and Hypercharges, ensuring the value of rewards remains the same. 

Bug Fixes

The update has also resolved an issue faced by players in the Mega Pig Club event in Brawl Stars. Few top contributors were getting double the Starr Drops than the intended number. The bug has been fixed to ensure a fair reward distribution among players participating in the Mega Pig Club event.

And that’s everything you need to know about Brawl Stars Legendary Starr Drop update and all the changes coming. Be sure to follow us for more Brawl Stars news and guides!

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