Bonelab: Here Are the Finest Mods for Windows and Quest 2


Bonelab: Here Are the Finest Mods for Windows and Quest 2

Surya Kumar
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This second entry into the series continues to receive tremendous mod support, thanks to an active community of players.
Notable Mentions include Omni man avatar, Wolverine Claws mod, and Waterpark Sandbox mod.

Bonelab is essentially an experimental physics action game that puts you in the shoes of an outcast who stumbles upon a hidden underground research facility. You will be put through a series of challenging experiments and make new discoveries along the process.

Although its mysterious description sounds enticing, those who played the 2019 Boneworks will instantly familiarize themselves with the game’s mechanics. They will also know that the game has a huge community of passionate members who have developed numerous mods and have continued to do so for this relatively new title as well. Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the best mods created for Bonelab so far.

Best Bonelab Mods 


As the name suggests, playing through SpiderLab will make you feel like the iconic superhero from New York. The addition of this mod means players can now climb on any surface along with web swinging and zipping. You will also have the proportional strength and agility of a spider, regardless of your avatar’s size. Players running the game on VR will also have access to cool gesture controls, provided they are running controllers with finger tracking.

Here’s the link to SpiderLab

Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground

This mod basically allows you to engage in an endless combat scenario where you fight hordes of enemies approaching you as you defend yourself in a dead end. You can choose from an array of weapons and other props, along with customizing your enemy type, enemy respawn times, etc. The mod currently has over 10 different enemy types and you can expect to see more depending on its reach.

Here’s the link to StandYourGround

Futurama Booth

If you’d like to engage in a dystopian experiment or just mess around with NPCs, this mod was made for you. Inspired by the popular TV show, this is a functioning spawnable that can kill you or other NPCs. It takes 25 ammo and you get two options; a quick and painless way and a more slow and horrible way to end it. Do note that there are limitations to this as it cannot accommodate avatars bigger or smaller than its proportions.

Here’s the link to Futurama Booth

Homelander Avatar

Homelander Avatar

Installing this mod means you get to play as the notorious supervillain from The Boys TV show. Although the mod does not grant you all of Homelander’s abilities, it still allows you to blast those deadly lasers out of his eyes to completely decimate enemies. The latest update also brings better cape physics, new laser SFX, and voice lines upon death and recovery. You do have to be cautious as the laser can also accidentally kill the player.

Here’s the link to Homelander

Wuhu Island from Wii Sports Resort

This work-in-progress mod brings the entire Wuhu Island from Wii Sports Resort for players to race around and explore the various stadiums spread across the map. The map seems densely packed with numerous locations for you to explore. To add to the immersion, this mod has also added animations showcasing ships sailing the sea, the blimp flying above you, custom water textures, working wind turbines, etc. If you ever played Wii sports in the past, you definitely have to jump into this map.

Here’s a link to Wuhu Island

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