Best Ways to Quickly Earn Fight Money in Tekken 8


Best Ways to Quickly Earn Fight Money in Tekken 8

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Fight Money is the ultimate way to unlock some of the best skins and cosmetics in Tekken 8.
Are you wondering how to earn Fight Money in Tekken 8? Here are some of the best ways to earn this currency.

Tekken 8 brings you to Bandai Namco’s world of relentless hand-to-hand combat, where each kick, punch, and combo counts. The sequel boasts a diverse line-up of fighters bringing fan favorites and exciting new faces, each with unique move-sets and signature moves. Tekken 8 pushes the franchise into the next generation of gaming. 

Tekken 8 features tons of unlocks, right from concept art in the Gallery to customization for your characters. Some outfits require you to complete Treasure Battles in Arcade Quest. Few outfits require you to pay Fight Money, but how do you earn it? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways you can earn Fight Money in Tekken 8.

How Can You Quickly Earn Fight Money in Tekken 8?

In Tekken 8, Fight Money is the in-game currency required to purchase cosmetics for your avatars, characters, or even your own UI. As of now, you cannot purchase Fight Money for real money, so you’ll have to earn it the old-fashioned way. 

Arcade Battles

Arcade Battles are one of the best ways to earn Fight Money in Tekken 8. You’ll need to play a total of eight matches against multiple  opponents, each giving 40,000G (Medium Difficulty). Things like Rage Art Confer can give you additional amounts. The final opponent is a Boss, and clearing for the first time will earn you 1,000,000G. Additionally, you’ll get 100,000G for taking down the boss. 

Best Ways to Quickly Earn Fight Money in Tekken 8

Online Matches

Completing your first Quick Match will give you 1,000,000G. You’ll get the same amount from your first Ranked Match and Group Match. You can join the matches and throw them as quickly as possible to get the Fight Money.

Arcade Quests 

Arcade Quest contains several battles, each giving you Fight Money. Additionally, you have Treasure Battles, which provide unique customization items. If you finish the story, each chapter completion will net you 1,000,000G. Complete all of them, and you’ll receive 10,000,000G.

Character Episodes

Character Episodes involve a five-battle playthrough for every character, ending with a unique ending. You will get unique plates and items, and completing each episode will give you 1,000,000G. Completing each episode takes 10-15 minutes, so you can amass millions quickly. 

Finish The Dark Awakens 

Completing all chapters from The Dark Awakens, the new Story Mode, will earn you 10,000,000G. You can set the difficulty to Easy and turn on Special Style, allowing you to complete the entire story in a few hours. 

Super Ghost Battles

If you’re bored of Arcade Battles, you can try Super Ghost Battle. You can earn approximately 40,000G per victory, and that’s not including any bonuses. Although Ghosts can be quite challenging, it’s one of the best ways to improve your skills and earn some quick money. 

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