Best Teams to Use in Reverse: 1999


Best Teams to Use in Reverse: 1999

Abhimannu Das
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Here are the top five free-to-play friendly teams that you can use in Reverse: 1999.
The teams are designed to offer you high damage, defensive utility and healing to ensure you can beat any content in the game.

In Reverse 1999, the best team compositions generally revolve around a strong main DPS (damage) character, a supportive healer, and a sub-DPS character who can also provide some utility. While you can get by with just DPS characters in the early game, you will need to start investing in your support and sustain units as you progress into the game's later stages. Here are some great early-game team recommendations to help you breeze through the game’s content.

Top Five Reverse: 1999 Teams for Beginners

Here are some recommended teams that you can use as a new player. We tried to avoid using too many high-end units to ensure these teams are accessible to most players. As you get more powerful 6-star units, you will have a much easier time in the endgame.

Centurion, Eternity, and Medicine Pocket

This team is known for its high damage output and survivability. Centurion is an incredibly powerful main DPS, Eternity can provide additional damage and debuffs, and Medicine Pocket is a top-tier healer who can also buff allies.

A Knight, Bkornblume, and Sotheby

This team is another strong DPS option, with A Knight dealing massive single-target damage and Bkornblume providing additional damage and utility. Sotheby is also a valuable healer and buffer in this team composition.

Melania, An-an Lee, and Medicine Pocket

This team is focused on Melania's high-powered Mental DMG output. An-an Lee can provide additional AP and damage buffs, while Medicine Pocket keeps the team alive with healing and Sturdiness.

Charlie, Baby Blue, and Medicine Pocket

This team comp is similar to the Melania team, but with Charlie focusing on Physical DMG instead of Mental DMG. Baby Blue provides debuffs and damage boosts, while Medicine Pocket remains the team's primary healer.

Dikke, Centurion, and Sotheby

This team is a more defensive option, with Dikke providing protection and support for Centurion, who is the team's primary DPS. Sotheby is also a valuable healer and buffer in this composition.

These are just a few of the many effective team compositions in Reverse 1999. The best team for you will depend on your playstyle and preferences, as well as the specific content you are trying to clear. Experiment with different team combinations to find what works best for you.

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