Best TAQ Evolvere MW3 Loadout


Best TAQ Evolvere MW3 Loadout

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The mid-season update to Modern Warfare 3 introduces Ranked Play and a crossover with The Boys, generating excitement among players along with new weapons.
The new TAQ Evolvere LMG has been added to the game's arsenal, ideal for a strategic and non-aggressive playstyle.
Here is the best TAQ Evolvere MW3 Loadout that players can carry as they enter the battlefield.

In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), the TAQ Evolvere is not just any weapon; it's a game-changer for players who favor a strategic and measured playstyle. But before you can unleash its potential, you'll need to unlock it. Here's the lowdown on how to do just that, and the ultimate TAQ Evolvere MW3 loadout to dominate the game.

How To Unlock TAQ Evolvere

To get your hands on the TAQ Evolvere, you'll have to complete a set of challenges. Specifically, any five out of 21 challenges in Week 7. These challenges are spread across three game modes: Zombie, Multiplayer, and Battle Royale, with seven unique challenges in each.

These challenges in each category are as follows:

Zombie TAQ Evolvere Challenges:

  • Achieve 75 mercenary kills with a recommended weapon.

  • Eliminate 300 zombies using the Jak Signal conversion kit on Holger 556.

  • Secure 250 kills with an epic (purple) rarity shotgun.

  • Rack up 500 fire damage kills (via Napalm Burst ammo mod) with a recommended weapon.

  • Take down 300 zombies with the Jak Thunder LMG Kit on Sidewinder.

  • Get 300 critical kills with the Jak Headhunter Carbine kit on the Rival-9 SMG.

  • Clear 5 infested strongholds.

Multiplayer TAQ Evolvere Challenges:

  • Earn first blood 3 times with a recommended weapon.

  • Kill 20 operators with the Jak Signal Burst on Holger 556.

  • Secure 20 operator kills using the Jak Bullseye optic on a recommended weapon.

  • Achieve 3 operator fury kills with a recommended weapon.

  • Eliminate 20 operators with the Jak Beholder Rifle Kit on the Tyr pistol.

  • Take down 20 operators using the Jak Headhunter Carbine on the Rival-9 SMG.

  • Get 30 operator kills with the AOK 4.0x RQ-9 Recon attachment on a recommended weapon.

Battle Royale TAQ Evolvere Challenges:

  • Score 10 kills in Urzikstan's northwest region.

  • Eliminate 10 operators in Urzikstan's southern region.

  • Exit via Covert Exfil or place top 10 in Warzone Battle Royale 5 times.

  • Open 50 loot caches in Warzone.

  • Kill 10 operators in Urzikstan's eastern region.

  • Secure 10 operator kills in Warzone Urzikstan's central region.

  • Complete 10 contracts in Warzone.

If the season is finished by the time you decide to unlock the weapon, it is likely that you will have to complete Armory Unlock Challenges. Details of this is yet to be unveiled

Best TAQ Evolvere MW3 Loadout

TAQ Evolvere MW3

Following the excitement of unlocking the TAQ Evolvere in Modern Warfare 3's Season 1 Reloaded, it's time to dive into the best loadout for this LMG. This setup is designed to maximize its potential in Warzone, blending stealth with rapid action.

Loadout Details for TAQ Evolvere MW3

  • Muzzle: Shadowstrike Suppressor

  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser

  • Stock: Bombardier Stock

  • Underbarrel: SL Skeletal Vertical Grip

  • Magazine: 50 Round 762 Belt

The Shadowstrike Suppressor muzzle is your first step towards stealth, keeping you off the radar. The FSS OLE-V Laser sharpens your aim, ensuring that each shot counts. The Bombardier Stock and SL Skeletal Vertical Grip enhance your agility, making you quicker in targeting and taking down enemies. The 50-round magazine equips you for extended engagements, keeping the action intense and unrelenting.

Perks and Equipment Recommendations

  • Perks

    • Vest: Assassin

    • Gloves: Assault Gloves

    • Boots: Covert Sneakers

    • Gear: EOD

  • Equipment

    • Secondary: Player's Preference

    • Lethal: Throwing Knife

    • Tactical: Stim

Given the LMG's nature, a stealthy approach is advisable. The Assassin vest provides a permanent Ghost perk, keeping you hidden even when stationary. Covert Sneakers are essential for minimizing your footsteps, allowing you to move undetected. For those critical moments when the enemy is closing in, EOD gear is your best bet for survival, while Assault Gloves facilitate swift weapon swapping.

Pair this setup with a potent close-range secondary weapon for versatility in combat. Throwing Knives and Stims are recommended for their adaptability, fitting well in various situations.

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