Best Minecraft Bedrock Farms for Beginners

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Best Minecraft Bedrock farms for beginners</p></div>
Best Minecraft Bedrock farms for beginners


Gathering resources for basic necessities can be quite time consuming in Minecraft. This is where Bedrock Farms come in handy.
They help you create an endless supply of sources, saving you from aimless wandering in the open world.
In this article, we’ll check out some of the best Minecraft Bedrock farms for beginners.

The grainy, pixelated world of Minecraft offers endless opportunities for players. Bedrock farms in Minecraft are where innovation meets survival. While resources play a huge role in your Minecraft journey, they may not always be available, and finding them in the recesses of this giant open world is time consuming. This is where bedrock farms come in handy. You can grow valuable resources on these bedrock farms. They are quite literally the bedrock of your Minecraft journey, saving countless hours of aimless mining. Let us take a look at some of the best Minecraft bedrock farms for beginners.

Chicken Cooker Farm

The first thing that players need to establish at the beginning of the game is a stable source of food. Surely, striking cows and pigs elicits some laughter, but it is not cooked and players can run out of energy soon enough. Therefore, having a source of nutritious, cooked food is essential. This is why a chicken cooker farm is one of the first bedrock farms that players build. 

The process for creating this is simple. Firstly, find some wheat seeds by striking down some bushes. Then, make sure to keep these in your hand while searching for chickens. They can be found in abundance in jungles and plains all over the Minecraft world. Lure them, feed them the seeds and once they lay the eggs, you can simply collect them on your farm. Once hatched, the farm will birth 15 or so chickens, which can be used to create cooked chicken. Apart from that, the chicken cooker farm can also help players collect other items like feathers, which can be used to create arrows, brushes, books and more. 

This is one of the most efficient farms that one can create. This endless source of food is much better than a cow or pig farm, as they are slower and can take much of your time.

Chicken Cooker Farm

Cobblestone Farm

Building blocks in Minecraft always fascinate beginners. Whether you are creating a simple cottage, or a masterpiece mansion, these building blocks are essential in the process. And what could be better than an endless supply of stone and cobblestone? Creating a stone farm unleashes an infinite supply of these blocks, saving much needed time and resources since players require specific swords in order to break down cobblestone blocks and stone blocks. 

To obtain a stone from this cobblestone farm, all that players need is a touch of silk. So this is basically a two in one farm that makes your Minecraft adventure easier. Building this bedrock farm requires just a couple of redstone resources. And voila! You have an endless supply of one of the most widely used resources in the game. 

Cobblestones are used in a variety of building projects and procuring them, while easy, can be time consuming. A cobblestone farm can help you save that time, letting you brainstorm creative ideas for your next project!

Cobblestone Farm

Iron Farm

Let's face it - mining for iron in Minecraft is not a piece of cake. It requires tremendous strength and willpower to find oneself lost in the iron mines, striking axes and rapidly running out of them. But, with an Iron Farm at your disposal, you can collect several hundred iron per hour. This is one of the must have farms in the game, as iron helps create a multitude of tools like flint, iron swords, iron pickaxes, shovels and more. 

Creating an Iron Farm in Minecraft can be a tricky process. However, after creating it, things get much easier. To make an Iron Farm, players will require the following items:

  • Three villagers

  • One Zombie

  • Twelve pieces of scaffolding or ladders (optional)

  • Three stacks (192 copies) of any solid blocks (including glass)

  • Two sticky pistons

  • Two sculk sensors

  • One bucket of water

  • One bucket of lava

  • Four wooden signs

  • One hopper

  • One chest

  • One nametag

These items are easy to obtain and can be found during your exploration of the Minecraft world as a beginner. 

Iron Farm

Bedrock Farms are super helpful and ensure a smooth world building experience. Once you get the hang of this, you can perhaps experiment with these by incorporating villagers, or more stacks of farms together for a more rapid production!

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