Best Miles Morales Decks In Marvel Snap (March 2024)


Best Miles Morales Decks In Marvel Snap (March 2024)

Aditi Joshi
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The Marvel Snap vs X-Men season has just arrived and is introducing new cards featuring Pixie, Hope Summers, and more.
In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best decks for Miles Morales in Marvel Snap for March 2024.

The Marvel Snap vs X-Men season has just arrived and is introducing new cards featuring Pixie, Hope Summers, and more. If you're wondering which decks they fit in or what new decks they create, then you're at the right place.

The Marvel Snap meta keeps changing constantly. Whether you are a pro in series four or five, still learning in series three, or just starting, we're here to help. We've compiled a list of the best Miles Morales decks in Marvel Snap for March 2024.

Best Miles Morales Decks In Marvel Snap (March 2024)

Marvel Snap Miles Morales decks focus on maximizing Miles Morales' abilities by efficiently shifting cards. They are all about making the most of his abilities. Players can also opt for a move deck, including cards like Iron Fist and Vulture. Adding one or two move cards makes Miles Morales a strong one-cost card with five power, perfect for any deck.

The top meta decks in Marvel Snap usually need you to finish Series 3 and have many cards from Series 4 and 5. This is because you have more options for deck types at this point. Here are the best decks in Marvel Snap for March 2024, in no specific order:

Pixie Hope

To make the most of the new Pixie card in Series 5, you need a mix of cheap and expensive cards in your deck. When you play Pixie, she changes the cost of cards in your deck. It is advised to play her early in the game, along with Hope Summers. This boosts your energy and makes your best cards cheaper, giving you an advantage and possibly turning the game in your favor quickly.

  • Sunspot

  • Wasp

  • Nightcrawler

  • Pixie

  • Armor

  • Mobius M Mobius

  • Hope Summer

  • Arnim Zola

  • She-Hulk

  • Magneto

  • Giganto

  • The Infinaut

Discard Hela

Discard Hela is a strong deck in Marvel Snap because it can output a lot of power if the cards fall right. The strategy is straightforward: play Morbius early, make sure Blade discards a high-power card, and use Ghost Rider wisely to bring back powerful cards like Black Cat. You can swap in other cards like Modok or Black Knight to boost Morbius or get Ebony Blade. If you don't have all the cards, you can try substitutes like Sword Master or include other discard cards like Dracula, Miek, Colleen Wing, Gambit, or Daken.

  • Blade

  • Morbius

  • Swarm

  • Corvus Glaive

  • Lady Sif

  • Jubilee

  • Ghost Rider

  • Black Cat

  • Hela

  • Apocalypse

  • Magneto

  • Infinaut


Darkhawk has always been a top card in the game, so he's a key part of many strong decks. In this deck, Darkhawk works well with cards like Korg and Rock Slide, with Zabu helping to get him out early. You can also swap in other good cards to make Darkhawk your main strategy.

For this deck, you can leave out Mystique and Black Widow to keep more cards in your deck. Instead, consider adding cards like Onslaught or Grandmaster to trigger Korg, Rock Slide, or Black Widow again.

  • Korg

  • Zabu

  • Jeff

  • Quake

  • Rogue

  • Mobius M. Mobius

  • Rock Slide

  • Darkhawk

  • Shang-Chi

  • Iron Lad

  • Doctor Doom

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