Best Horror Video Games for PC

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Best Horror Video Games for PC


Here is a compiled a list of the best horror video games for PC, ranked in no particular order.

The horror video game genre has become extremely popular in recent years. With the genre’s rise to fame, many new games have been released. But, it can be difficult to find the perfect horror game that will disrupt one’s sense of reality. Here, we have compiled a list of the best horror video games for PC, ranked in no particular order. 

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight has become a household name in the world of horror games. It is an asymmetric multiplayer horror game that features a high-stakes showdown. If names like Michael Myers, Freddy Kreuger and Ghostface sound familiar, it is because the game features iconic villains from different movies, creating a spectacular blend of horror and thrill. 

The real fun lies in the fact that players can enjoy the spine-chilling adventure with their friends in multiplayer mode. Either cop out a strategy to defeat the killers and rise victorious, or succumb to the consequences of your defeat. On the other hand, enjoy the worldview of sociopathic murderers by engaging with the game as killers. 

Dead by Daylight

Resident Evil 7

After Resident Evil 4 set the bar too high, neither RE 5 nor 6 could please the fans of the franchise. But, in 2017, Resident Evil’s seventh iteration became the groundbreaking launch that shook the gaming world. Resident Evil 7 Biohazzard is what was missing from the franchise. Taking the game back to its horror survival roots, Resident Evil 7 was like a fresh start. 

Here, players embrace a first-person perspective as they find themselves in the shoes of Ethan Winters. Considered one of the scariest video game openings of all time, the game’s execution in terms of pitch and escalation makes it the perfect game for those seeking a high-stakes, eerie and unsettling horror game experience. 

Resident Evil 7

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation offers a haunting and spine-chilling game design with eerie soundtracks and the feeling of being watched over your shoulder. The desolate atmosphere is the true definition of fear and makes Alien Isolation one of the scariest games of all times. The game is based on the iconic Alien film series and takes place 15 years after the events of the 1979 film. Players find themselves in the shoes of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the protagonist, Ellen Ripley. 

Boarding the space station Sevastopol, she realizes that it has fallen into disarray because an alien is on the loose. The horrifying, sci-fi setting paves way for stealth and survival as players make combat strategies to escape and outsmart the different enemies in the game. 

Alien Isolation&nbsp;


The iconic horror game series Outlast continues to haunt players with its spine-chilling aura. It doesn’t matter whether players are playing the oldest or the latest iteration in the series, it has the same, thrilling impact. With a camcorder's vision at night, there is nothing one can do to escape the enemies. The feeling of impending doom keeps piling up as players navigate the unsettling corners of deranged corridors and encounter unimaginable horrors. The first-person perspective contributes to the psychological torment that amplifies the gaming experience. 


Amnesia: The Dark Descent 

The epitome of horror, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, is a psychological horror that makes use of screaming sound effects, an eerie setting, and an unsettling storyline. The game follows Daniel who navigates through Castle Brennenburg and must avoid any danger at all costs. Not only this, but the game also involves puzzle-solving segments that test the mind. Daniel has no memory of the past, and the players need to make it out of the game without losing their sanity. Enjoy a gradual descent into the dark recesses of the human mind with Amnesia: The Dark Descent. 

Amnesia The Dark Descent

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